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CBD Day – August 8

Over the past few years, CBD has been attracting a lot of attention. It’s growing profile has led to it being assigned its very own holiday – National CBD Day. 

National CBD Day is meant to be a day celebrating a natural cannabinoid that is changing lives. On August 8th, each year, CBD advocates take the opportunity to raise awareness and educate others about this great natural substance.

A recent poll found that most people (62%) have never tried a CBD product. Users of topical and ingestible forms of CBD are women by a 2 to 1 ratio. Those who say they would consider taking CBD name stress, anxiety and pain relief as top reasons to give it a try.  


Here are some of the things that you are likely to see happening on National CBD Day:

Education On CBD

Research suggests that 58% of Americans don’t understand the difference between CBD and THC (the intoxicating component of cannabis sativa). Hemp is federally legal, high in CBD (Cannabidiol), contains <0.3% THC9 and will not get you “high”. It is not marijuana, which his high in THC9 and will get you “high”.

On this celebratory day, most CBD proponents, look to spread information and educate others about CBD and its potential health benefits. It is true that CBD has been gaining a lot of popularity over the last few years. A lot of people who are interested in its potential benefits have taken it upon themselves to find out all they can about it. 

The challenge will be to understand which delivery modes and doses to choose to meet specific therapeutic needs. For example, a soft-gel capsule may provide up to eight hours of relief, while sublingual options may offer faster relief for shorter periods of time. Edibles offer the greatest variability due to wide ranges of CBD content and individual differences in digestion and metabolism. Although CBD products are largely marketed as supplements, users may experience side effects or medication interactions, and therefore should discuss CBD use with a health professional.

One of the ways we provide education is through a Free Cannabis Hotline, Relief 411.

CBD Awareness 

On CBD Day, advocates post information about this natural substance. This gives them a great opportunity to raise awareness. By raising awareness on CBD, they can get more people to join this rapidly growing community and transform the CBD industry. 

Through media coverage and social media posts, proponents may tackle a variety of issues affecting the CBD industry. The confusing legal status of CBD is one such issue. It is worth noting that even though CBD is legal at the Federal level, it is still not legal in some states. Furthermore, the FDA still does not officially regulate the substance. 

By raising awareness and media coverage of such issues and increasing public participation, legislators may be inspired to act. The goal is to eventually sort out the legal confusion once and for all. 

Media coverage and public outcry may also push for more research into the many potential benefits of CBD.  

Enthusiasts Can Celebrate CBD 

On CBD Day, enthusiasts/users get the opportunity to celebrate. If you have been using CBD and have been enjoying its benefits, this day gives you the opportunity to celebrate this cannabinoid. 

Check your state’s legal guidelines first, but it is federally legal and is only prohibited in a few states. This means that most people can enjoy it without the fear of any legal repercussions. 

You can find fun ways to celebrate. Invite friends to try out this wonderful supplement and enjoy its awesome health benefits together. By honoring CBD Day with friends, you will also be doing your part as a CBD advocate, spreading information and raising awareness.


CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural non-intoxicating cannabinoid that has a long list of potential health benefits. Social and medical circles alike have debated the legitimacy of this cannabinoid over the years. There is a growing mountain of supporting research evidence for CBD. The industry is rapidly growing. Additionally, hemp and CBD are legal at the Federal level. All of these factors made a strong case for the creation of National CBD Day. 

CBD Day may not yet have a rich history like 4/20. However, the main purpose of the holiday is to raise awareness and educate others about this wonderful natural substance.

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