CBD hemp hemp tea offers a great ways to enjoy the effects of cannabinoids alongside the refreshing and comforting elements of a warm brew.

Drinking CBD hemp tea provides a similar effect as CBD edibles. The effects come on slower and generally last longer than smoking CBD. This is because the body uses a different metabolic pathway to process orally consumed cannabinoids versus those that are inhaled. In contrast, CBD tea offers a clear-headed and relaxing effect. The lack of psychoactive effect makes it a great way to relax during the day.

  • Is CBD Hemp Tea good for you?
  • What are the benefits of hemp-infused tea?
  • What do you need to make CBD hemp tea?
  • Hemp Tea Recipe.
  • Preparing hemp tea.
  • Now to brew CBD tea.
  • CBD Hemp tea: storage and consumption
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RESTART CBD Hemp Tea from Pre-rolls

Is CBD tea good for you?

There are many benefits to drinking fresh CBD tea. CBD will help your mind achieve a relaxed and easy state. CBD tea will help you feel grounded throughout the day, and it can ease the strain put on tendons and muscles.

What are the benefits of hemp-infused tea?

Hemp-infused tea offers powerful effects. Sativa varieties tend to contain terpenes that produce euphoric and cerebral effects, whereas indica terpenes often promote relaxation. CBD itself also offers soothing effects and helps to support restful sleep.

What do you need to make CBD or hemp tea?

Making CBD hemp tea is a rather simple process, but there are a few tips and techniques that must be employed to ensure success.

Before beginning the brewing process, you will need the following items and ingredients. These ecipes can be scaled up or down to produce more or less pronounced effects or to provide enough for several people.

Hemp Tea Recipe:

• 1 gram ground hemp (or 1 pre-rolled CBD joint or 1 gram shake)
• 4 cups boiling water
• 1 teaspoon coffee creamer or coconut oil
• Saucepan with lid
• Infuser to strain the hemp flowers
• Storage container to keep the tea fresh

Preparing Hemp Tea

1. Bring water to boil.
2. Grind your buds. Place material in to the infuser.

3. Place the infuser into the water and set the heat to simmer.
4. Let your tea simmer for 20 minutes while the CBDa converts to CBD via decarboxylation (heat exposure).
5. Remove the infuser and pour the brew into your cup.
6. Drink immediately or place the tea into the fridge for future use.
7. Every time you want a cup, reheat the liquid. Place a teaspoon of coconut oil or creamer into a mug and add the heated liquid. The fat source will boost the bioavailability of the THC.

How to Brew CBD Hemp Tea

Making CBD tea could not be easier. Follow the steps below, and enjoy!

1. If you’re using CBD bud, grind it up into a fine consistency and add to a tea infuser.
2. Bring 1 litre of water to boil, then set to a light simmer.
3. Add the infuser into the pan and let it simmer for up to 20 minutes to convert CBDA into CBD.
4. Remove the infuser and pour the contents of the pan into a storage container.
5. When you’re ready for a cup, place a fat source such as coconut oil into the mug and pour the heated CBD-infused liquid on top. Use a whisk to mix thoroughly. These healthy fats will help to boost the absorption of CBD.
6. If you’re using CBD oil, simply mix coconut oil and hot water in a mug. Allow the mix to cool slightly and add three drops of CBD oil and stir again.

CBD Hemp Tea: Storage and consumption.

Both forms of tea will store for a decently long period in the fridge, although you’ll want to drink it within about five days for the best experience. You can even freeze the liquid into ice cubes to drastically enhance the storage life. When taken out of the fridge, the tea can be reheated before consumption; this is where you can get creative. Feel free to add honey, maple syrup, or another type of sweetener to enhance the taste.

You could even take this opportunity to infuse other herbs that you think could go well in the blend. A dash of mint or green tea might be a good choice. Oh, and don’t forget the fat source!