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Final Ruling: Texas Smokable Hemp Ban 2022


As of June 24th, 2022 the smokable hemp ban was given its final ruling in court providing clarity in some regards and confusion in others. The TLDR; it is still legal for you, the consumer, to purchase and possess smokable hemp products, and still legal for retailers like us, RESTART CBD, to sell them to you. The only change is that it is now illegal to manufacture and process smokable hemp products in Texas.

The Texas Supreme Court Judge Jeffrey S. Boyd who was presiding over this case wrote in his opinion that smokable hemp is still banned. “Considering the long history of the state’s extensive efforts to prohibit and regulate the production, possession, and use of the Cannabis sativa L. plant, we conclude that the manufacture and processing of smokable hemp products is neither a liberty interest nor a vested property interest the due-course clause protects,” Boyd wrote.

This ultimately means if a business is producing or manufacturing or processing smokable hemp products, like pre-rolls or cigarettes, they would have to cease operation in Texas and take their business outside of the state.

An unfortunate blow to the economic impact of retaining companies whose operation focuses on processing and manufacturing smokable hemp products, but the state doesn’t seem to care at this time.

We believe there is going to be more movement in the 2023 Texas Legislative session, that could affect the status of this ruling. So stay tuned to our social media @restartcbd for the latest in Texas hemp.

Until then, you can still shop smokables with RESTART: pre-rolls, cigarettes, and loose flower.

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