Lab Reports

Lab Reports

RESTART CBD seeks to maintain transparency with our customers by publishing up-to-date test results that showcase the purity and high quality of our CBD products. These test results are posted intermittently as they’re made available by our testing partners.

(Please note that occasionally, 3rd party testing may be delayed. In that instance, we will post up internal testing results in lieu of 3rd party testing results until the 3rd party results are available. Once 3rd party Certificates of Analysis are available, they will be posted in the list below.)

Find the corresponding Certificates Of Analysis (COA) that aligns with the product you are looking for.  If you don’t see something, reach out to our team.


Full Spectrum 25

Pure CBD 25

Pure CBD 50


Raw Unrefined 25


Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Pure CBD Oil

Raw Unrefined CBD Oil


Delta 8 CBN

Delta 8


CBD 25MG Caramels Full Spectrum

CBD 25MG Chocolate Peanut Butter Nugs

CBD 25MG Chocolate Mint Nugs

CBD 25MG Chocolate Squares: Dark/Milk

CBD 45MG Chocolate Bar

CBD Coffee Ott

CBD Coffee – Colorado Hemp

CBD 15MG Raspberry Kief Gum Drops

CBG Raspberry Gummies Full Spectrum

CBD 25MG Fruit Slices Pure CBD

CBD 25MG Gummies Full Spectrum

CBD 25MG Gummies Pure CBD

CBD 25MG Gummy Worms Pure CBD

CBD 50MG Gum Drops

CBD 10MG Sour Gummies Pure CBD

CBD 12.5MG Gummies Sweet/Sour

CBG 25MG Sour Gummies

CBD 10MG Hard Candy Pure CBD

CBD 35MG Hard Candy Full Spectrum

CBD 25MG Lollipops Pure CBD

CBD 25MG Taffy Full Spectrum

Delta 8 25MG Gum Drops

CBD Beverage Tea Bags

CBD Beverage Soda Sati

CBD Beverage Tea Cold Brew 55mg

CBD Beverage Wyld Sparkling Water

CBD Beverage 40MG Coffee Cold Brew

Hemp Cigarettes/Shake

CBD Cigarettes

CBD Glass Cigarettes


T2 Kief

Hemp Flower/PreRolls

Bubba Kush


Frosted Lime

Hawaiian Haze


Magic Bullet

San Juan Sunrise

Sour Space Candy

Special Sauce

Siskiyou Gold

Suver Haze

White CBG

Wine Widow




CBD Soaking Salts





CBD CBN Rollon

CBD Face Serum

CBD Massage Oil

CBD Menthol Roll-on 250MG

CBD Salve Unrefined Menthol/Lavender


CBD Blue Cheddar / OG Blue Vape

CBD Blue Dream Vape

CBD Durban Sour Vape

CBD Granddaddy Purple Shatter

CBD Green Kush Vape

CBD OG Kush Vape

CBD Orange Cookies Vape

CBD Pineapple Express Shatter

CBD Strawnana Vape

CBD Super Lemon Haze Vape

CBD White Widow Vape

CBD White Fire Vape

CBD Natural Vape

CBN Blue Cheddar / OG Blue Vape

CBN Blue Dream Vape

CBN Durban Sour Vape

CBN Granddaddy Purple Shatter

CBN Green Kush Vape

CBN OG Kush Vape

CBN Orange Cookies Vape

CBN Pineapple Express Shatter

CBN Strawnana Vape

CBN Super Lemon Haze Vape

CBN White Widow Vape

CBN White Fire Vape

CBN Natural Vape


AC/DC Shatter

Blue Dream Shatter

Granddaddy Purple Shatter

Pineapple Express Shatter


Blue Dream Wax

Cherry Wine Wax

Girl Scout Cookies Wax

Gorilla Glue Wax

Granddaddy Purple Wax

Green Kush Wax

OG Blue Wax

Tangie Wax


CBG Shatter


There are two primary kinds of test results done for CBD products, potency tests and microbial contaminant tests.

About Potency and Testing

Potency testing includes two rounds of analysis. The first round, pre-harvest testing, occurs 30 days prior to harvest, as required by federal and state laws. The exact day when this occurs varies from state-to-state. During pre-harvest testing, samples are tested for compliance, combining Delta-9 THC and THCa for a combined THC total. After this phase, compliant samples will be certified as Industrial Hemp. Post-harvest testing reflects the cannabinoid content in products after they’ve been dried and harvested. These tests are not required in order to meet compliance. We do these purely to keep our clients and customers informed.

About Microbial Testing

RESTART CBD adheres to the testing requirements of regulated cannabis markets, such as, Colorado, Oregon and Kentucky. As a hemp company, we are not required to meet these standards. However, in the interest of consumer safety, we seek to maintain the same level of compliance in our products as THC products sold in recreational and medical dispensaries.

Nearly all cannabis products, as well the majority of agricultural products, contain some degree of yeast/mold. The limit for yeast and mold contamination in cannabis is 10,000 CFU/g. This is pass/fail test that measures for dangerous thresholds of yeast/mold in cannabis products. Any cannabis sample that does not exceed 10,000 CFU/g is considered passing and could theoretically be sold on shelves in a dispensary.

As of August, 1, 2020, our new labels will show expiration date, and batch# and lot#. 

Expiration Date reflects a suggested expiration date. As a dietary supplement, our products are guaranteed potency for two years.

Batch # reflects the CBD batch that was used for that lot. (may not be reflected on labels prior to August 1, 2020).

Lot #  is the lot of combined ingredients that went into creating a product. This is the number that will be referenced to find the corresponding Certificate of Analysis below.

How to read your Certificate Of Analysis

With our products being created using only hemp extracts, we run a variety of tests to ensure cannabinoid potencies are up to standards. Our test results are presented in Milligrams per Gram, so to find out the exact amount of cannabinoids (CBD, THC, etc) and terpenes in each serving of our products, you should use the following simple equation:

total mg / gm  x 5 gm serving = total mg per serving

(Example take .52 mg/g of CBD and multiply that by 5 g per serving to get a total of 2.6 mg CBD per serving.)

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how to understand these results or any other quality-related questions.