Wath CBD Edibles: What to Know!

CBD & THC Edibles.

CBD and THC Edibles are one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis because they can provide long lasting results.

However as summer temperatures start to heat up, especially in the back of a UPS truck in Texas, or even in your car, you can easily run into issues. You might find your chocolate has melted or your gummies fused into a big blob.

Although it’s likely to be safe to consume, there are still some important issues to consider before you slice off a chunk and eat it.
What to do if this happens to you?
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Restart CBD Full Spectrum Caramels

The basics of CBD Edibles

Edibles 101

Common ingestible CBD oil products include edibles, capsules, and beverages. Capsules can be easily swished down with a mouthful of water and are among one of the easiest ways to take CBD.  CBD oil can be infused into a wide variety of edibles and beverages, including coffee.