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CBD Flower Kief 1G


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Heavily Concentrated. High in CBD. Full Spectrum.

One of the easiest ways to intensify your hemp smoking session is to add a pinch of CBD kief.  RESTART CBD’s kief is extracted from our highest grade hemp and contains a sophisticated blend of purified cannabinoids and terpenes. Although our kief powder is undeniably potent, there’s no need to worry about psychoactive effects.

  • Size: 1 Gram
  • Contains a blend of purified cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Organically grown in Oregon, USA.
  • All RESTART CBD products are lab tested independently by a third party so you can always feel confident with our brand.
  • Contains <0.3% Δ9THC.
  • Color, flavor, and CBD strength may vary from harvest to harvest. 








There are many ways to make good use of your stockpile of unrefined cannabis concentrate, from smoking kief to making hash. Here are a few suggestions that can amplify potency and refine consistency.

  • Sprinkle it onto your packed bowl of cannabis. Overall potency can increase dramatically with a generous dusting of kief on top of your bowl.
  • Sprinkle it into a joint, or roll your joint in it. Evenly pepper your ground cannabis with a nice pinch of kief to increase potency. For a more advanced experience, dampen the outside of your joint with a lick or with your preferred wax, and then roll the top 1/3 of the joint in kief.
  • Make hash. One of the oldest forms of refined cannabis, hash is basically just kief that has been heated and pressurized to form a soft, green ball. Applying heat and pressure to kief ruptures the resin glands, changing its overall taste, effects, & composition. The more pressure you apply, the darker the hash becomes in color.
  • Make moonrocks. Moonrocks are top-quality nugs that are covered in liquid concentrate and rolled in kief. Sometimes considered a DIY concentrate, potent moonrocks are relatively easy to make if you have the materials. Gently heat your cannabis concentrate of choice and liberally coat your buds. Sprinkle kief over still-warm buds, or dredge buds in a kief bath using tongs. Let harden, then enjoy them by breaking them up by hand and sprinkling them into your bowl (avoid using a grinder if possible, as a grinder will break them up too finely and defeat the purpose of creating your lovely moonrock).
  • Press rosin. Rosin is known for its solventless extraction methods and preservation of cannabinoids. This process is usually done with flower, but higher yields and potency can be achieved by pressing kief. The at-home kief press method involves a hair straightener and a vice, while professional methods incorporate high-pressure presses.
  • Add potency to cannabutter. Kief is an easy way to boost potency that doesn’t add any extra steps to the cannabutter-creating process. Just remember, no matter if you decarboxylate your cannabis in the oven or in your crockpot, make sure your kief is intermixed with your flower for best results.


Smoking CBD may be harsh on the throat and/or lungs for those who are not accustomed to smoking products.


Review our product disclaimer here.


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  • We partner with US growers of premium hemp and offer the absolute highest quality products.
  • Our farms are certified organic.
  • Good products start with good soil, but it doesn’t stop there.
  • Our plants are free of pesticides and chemicals


  • After harvest, FDA registered facilities use Co2 extraction machines to process the hemp. Unlike the majority of the market who uses ethanol or hexane extraction.


  • All our facilities are GMP compliant.
  • We work closely with local health departments to ensure clean manufacturing from seed to sale.


  • We don’t over process our products. Once our extract has been decarboxylated and winterized, we combine it with only organic carrier oils and ingredients.
  • When it comes to products like gummies and edibles, we work alongside experienced manufacturers who can provide us with high end natural formulations.


We believe you have the right to know exactly what you are buying. You should be confident that you are purchasing a product with the advertised amount of CBD. You also need to know you are buying a legal product, without an illegal quantity of THC (the intoxicating compound in cannabis). In other words: lab results are totally essential.



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