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Concentrate Shatter CBD Blue Dream (S)


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Sweet.  Berry. Earth.

Infused with a terpene blend that enhances the aroma, flavor and effects of the wax. C02 Extracted in Colorado.

  • 1000mg Pure CBD
  • No THC
  • Container Size: 1 gram
  • Terpene infused / C02-extracted
  • TOP TERPENES: PineneMyrceneCampheneLimonene
  • THC free
  • American hemp
  • Lab-tested

Natural Ingredients: 99%+ Pure CBD Isolate infused with plant-derived terpenes,

Terpene 101: Terpenes are volatile compounds that are found in the essential oils of plants, including hemp and cannabis. Terpenes are well known for their flavor and aromatics, but they also provide therapeutic benefits.

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Our CBD shatter is made with 99% pure CBD infused with all-natural plant-derived terpenes. Shatter is a 100% THC Free CBD concentrate.


Shatter is a form of CBD concentrate made from pure CBD isolate infused with plant derived terpenes. Shatter is a parallel product to our crumble; however, it is made with pure CBD instead of broad spectrum distillate. Where crumble is often described as a wax, shatter has a more crystalline, brittle structure. This product contains 0% THC and can be sold in all 50 states.


Terpenes are chemical compounds prevalent throughout plant life that have distinct aromatic and flavor profiles that define them. Increasingly, it is thought that terpenes play a more central role in distinguishing one strain from another by providing the unique effects each strain has become known for. For example, the terpene Myrcene is found in many relaxing strains like Blue Dream and Grandaddy Purp, whereas Terpinolene is found in more uplifting strains. This is not unlike drinking a cup of tea for, on the one-hand, soothing the nervous system (think chamomile and lavender), and on the other, orange zinger, for a little pep in your step.


While all our shatter is already “activated” (meaning it can be ingested orally and it will work), the shatter is best consumed by being either vaporized, smoked, or dabbed. You can use a vape/dab pen that is rated for concentrate use, you can dab on a hot nail like you would with THC concentrates, or you can sprinkle them on your other smoke-ables (or smoke them by themselves). We’ve put together a CBD Shatter user guide that you can read here: CBD Shatter User Guide


Our CBD shatter is best for consumers who must avoid THC, already use other cannabis products, or who are looking to cut back on THC while still enjoying “the ritual” of smoking. Since our shatter is isolate-based, it is perfect for those who desire to avoid THC entirely, as well as those who prefer to deliver CBD in its most concentrated form. CBD has been thought to lessen the effects of THC, so it can be used in conjunction with cannabis for this reason. Dabbing a CBD concentrate like our shatter is also a great way to immediately feel the effects of CBD in your system.

Additional information

Terpene Blend

ACDC 1g CBD Wax, Blue Dream 1g CBD Wax, Blueberry OG 1g CBD Wax, Sour Diesel 1g CBD Wax, Green Kush 1g CBD Wax, Super Lemon Haze 1g CBD Wax, Orange Cookies 1g CBD Wax, Girl Scout Cookie 1g CBD Wax, Granddaddy Purple 1g CBD Wax, Durban Sour 1g CBD Wax, Jack Herer 1g CBD Wax, Pineapple Express 1g CBD Wax, OG Kush 1g CBD Wax, Train Wreck 1g CBD Wax, Watermelon OG 1g CBD Wax, Terpin Gorilla 1g CBD Wax, Natural OG Hemp 1g CBD Wax, CBG 1/2g Wax

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  • We partner with US growers of premium hemp and offer the absolute highest quality products.
  • Our farms are certified organic.
  • Good products start with good soil, but it doesn’t stop there.
  • Our plants are free of pesticides and chemicals


  • After harvest, FDA registered facilities use Co2 extraction machines to process the hemp. Unlike the majority of the market who uses ethanol or hexane extraction.


  • All our facilities are GMP compliant.
  • We work closely with local health departments to ensure clean manufacturing from seed to sale.


  • We don’t over process our products. Once our extract has been decarboxylated and winterized, we combine it with only organic carrier oils and ingredients.
  • When it comes to products like gummies and edibles, we work alongside experienced manufacturers who can provide us with high end natural formulations.


We believe you have the right to know exactly what you are buying. You should be confident that you are purchasing a product with the advertised amount of CBD. You also need to know you are buying a legal product, without an illegal quantity of THC (the intoxicating compound in cannabis). In other words: lab results are totally essential.