Don’t know what to get your canna-bae this valentines day? Here’s RESTART CBD’s Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide to help impress and chill out those who you love most. These are some of our personal favorite things to receive, as well as our top sellers, so either way, you’ll be a star with these gift options, whether you’re gifting to your mom, your self, or your lover. Cannabis is for sure the new chocolate and roses, at least that’s what we’re promoting!

Soaking salts: Nothing says love is in the air quite like a nice warm relaxing bath. So really, maybe love is in the tub. So why not amp your bath time up with some CBD soaking salts. Ours are loaded with 150mg of pure CBD for a total body wind down and we think anyone who gets this as a gift won’t be mad, because who hates a bath?! Except maybe your dog.

Cherry Kush D8 cart: Pick the Cherry Kush flavor D8 cart for something sweet. This 950mg hybrid D8 cart packs a punch and will leave you feeling better than good. We should note D8 *is a THC*, and should be treated as such. But, if your gift recipient is someone who is looking for a buzz without the anxiety, this is our pick. And it pairs perfectly with anything really, chocolate, roses, candy hearts. You might get the munchies, but we swear it’s not the cart.

Variety Pre-Roll Pack + GRAV Crutch: If your cannabae likes to smoke, then our variety pre roll pack is the perfect gift to share the benefit of cannabis and hemp flower with the enjoyability of smoking a joint. The variety pack features premium quality, top-shelf, hemp cannabis. This is the perfect way to sample some of our best selling strains. CBD Flower includes all of the benefits of CBD plus+ Variety Pack includes one of each strain + one GRAV GLASS CRUTCH.




D8 Milk & Dark Chocolate: Chocolate and Valentine’s Day are synonymous, but we’re trying to flip the script and think you should level up your chocolate game, so why don’t you double down on some D8 chocolate for your loved one this holiday season. At 25mg a piece, these are the perfect dose to share with someone for a little chill unwind, or gift a couple (or 10) to really boost the relaxation for your celebration. Please do note, all D8 is classified as a THC, so be forewarned, but enjoy!

CBD Pet Sample Pack: Whether your loved one has four (or two, we won’t judge) furry paws, OR is the proud pet owner– CBD has been known to provide relief for humans and pets alike. This is a good gift size package to share with your favorite animal or animal lover to introduce them to the benefits of CBD.

Pet CBD Sampler Includes: