Super Easy CBD Drink

Super Easy CBD Drink • RESTART CBD

Combine RESTART CBD with almond milk (or milk of your choice), a dash of vanilla, teaspoon of honey, and a pinch of sea salt to bring out the flavor and you’ve got a Super Easy CBD drink.  It’s  delicious warm or cold, and good for you.

Super Easy CBD Drink • RESTART CBD


Americans are realizing that the benefits of CBD oil, the part of the cannabis plant, doesn’t have to get you high.  And they are using it in many different ways.

Sydney Torabi, nutritionist and co-owner of RESTART CBD, has a super easy CBD drink recipe for you.

When CBD is combined with foods or beverages, the flavor could completely change depending on the CBD oil you are using. There is a huge range of CBD products available to consumers where it is legal and some have a raw, hempy taste while others, like RESTART CBD are flavorless with no “skunky” or aftertaste.

So choose your tincture wisely.


  • 1 cup almond milk (or your milk of choice)
  • 5-15 mg RESTART CBD oil* (depending on your CBD strength)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • pinch of sea salt
  • 2 tsp honey, date syrup or sweetner of your choice.

* 1/2 ml of RESTART RECOVER = 15mg CBD


  1. In a small saucepan over low heat, combine milk, honey, vanilla extract, salt, and your preferred amount of CBD.

  2. Whisk ingredients together and heat until warmed, not boiling*

  3. Serve warm, or pour over ice for a cold drink

*There are some things you need to keep in mind when heating CBD beverages. If done incorrectly, you can lose a lot of the CBD’s potency, making your drink less useful.

The boiling point for CBD is 320°-356°F. If you cook at a temperature higher than this, you risk evaporating some of the CBD.

And one final tip: 15mg of CBD per serving is a tried-and-true dosage that we recommend for beverages.