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Boveda - Protect Your Passion

Why does RESTART CBD pack their hemp flower with BOVEDA?  

Because the terpenes are what we all love about cannabis. Terpenes provide the aroma, flavor and effects.  And they are at risk due to  evaporation.  

RESTART CBD uses Boveda to protect our terpene-rich cannabis.  Without terps, cannabis would be bland, scentless and lacking in potency. These crucial components, found inside the plant’s trichomes, are in danger of disappearing from you cannabis if you are not packaging your flower with a terpene shield.  In fact, 40% of cannabis terpenes are lost within the first week even in seemingly airtight containers, unless a terpene shield is present.    

Who is Boveda?

Boveda is the global leader in two way humidity control packs for preserving humidity sensitive products like cannabis and cigars, even guitars. 

What is Boveda Used For?

Boveda works automatically using its patented 2-way humidity control to protect cannabis, hemp, cigars, even wood instruments, food and other products. 

Only Boveda, the Original Terpene Shield™, can protect your terpenes from evaporation by using a monolayer shield of purified water.  They use only pure water and natural salts in a leakproof membrane to achieve and maintain a constant relative humidity (RH) printed on the outside pack.

Place a Boveda in your storage container and know with confidence that you’re doing everything you can to achieve excellence by preventing humidity fluctuations from degrading the things you love most. Through their all-natural salt solution, you’re protected faster and for longer periods of time

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Boveda will work automatically using its patented 2-way humidity control to protect cannabis, hemp, cigars, wood instruments, food and other products. Boveda uses only pure water and natural salts in a leakproof membrane to achieve and maintain a constant relative humidity (RH) printed on the outside pack.

Restart CBD Save the Terpenes

Where They Live.

Terpenes, along with cannabinoids and flavonoids live in the trichome, the clear bulbous folic found on the outside of the flower.


Without a terpene shield in your container or package, cannabis flower loses its terpenes and everything with it, the desired aromas, flavors and effectiveness you love.

Why Risk Another Day?  Only Boveda, the original terpene shield, can deliver a full cannabis terpene experience so you’re partaking in a premium smoke every time.

Don’t Close the Lid Without the Original Terpene Shield™

Only Boveda offers a monolayer of purified water that protects your cannabis terpenes from evaporation and degradation. And as a company with 23 years devoted to the science of 2-way humidity control, we know you’ll benefit from our commitment to precision.

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Only Boveda creates a shield over the trichome to protect the terpenes from evaporation. The shield also preserves the fragrant aroma until it’s released when you grind and uses the cannabis/hemp. Because of the terpene shield, the earthy perfume is more potent and the experience stronger. You’ll also discover that the feel and texture of your bud is improved with Boveda. Precise humidity helps cannabis “squish” to the touch and create a new desired experience.


Exposure to oxygen, even in sealed jars or Tupperware, will lead to plant trichomes becoming brittle and damaged.  The rich terpenes in side will disappear.  Terpene shields create a monolayer of purified water molecules guarding trichomes from damage and preserving the terpenes until it’s time to grind and consume. 

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boveda Austin restart

When your cannabis terpenes are protected by a monolayer shield of purified water over the trichome, your mind will be blown by the full terpene effect.


Whether it’s medicinal or recreational, Boveda protects your weed quickly and efficiently. Even better, our patented 2-way humidity control comes in a variety of sizes so whatever your storage size, it’s protected.

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Boveda Protection and Restart CBD

There’s no aroma more enticing than a fragrant flower in full bloom. Only Boveda protects your cannabis terpenes until grinding so you’re inhaling perfection.


No more wondering whether you’re achieving that full terpene effect when you smoke your cannabis — Boveda will protect your stash at the precise RH (58% or 62%) for 2-6 months. It’s a totally worry-free process.

Made with all-natural salts and purified water, our ready-to-use terpene shields allow moisture to pass in and out as necessary through a semi-permeable vapor phase membrane. 

Easy to Use Terpene Protection

Incredibly simple to use. Just remove the outer plastic packaging and they are ready to fgo.

1. Place Boveda in your favorite airtight container and close.  Comes in a variety of sizes to fit any storage or packaging container.

2. Created to protect your terpenes. Creates a monolayer of purified water to protect your flower. 

3. Take pride in a truly free flower.   When you are ready to use, open the container and grind your flower. The terpenes will be released in to a vibrant  aroma and full flavor for you to enjoy while smoking.               

RESTART CBD packs every 2g to 28g of our premium CBD, CBG and Delta 8 hemp flower with a Boveda to maintain freshness, including our 5 and 6 pack hemp pre-roll packs.  

They are re-usable so you don’t have to throw them away. You can re-use them until they feel crystallized.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or visit our store online or in-store to purchase!  

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