People have begun to call CBG (CANNABIGEROL) the "god molecule, the stem cell" of the cannabis plant, since it acts as a molecular precursor to most other cannabinoids such as CBN, THC, CBC, CBD etc. CBG has attracted a lot of attention, but it is not widely available. Few companies offer CBG products because it is difficult to extract and not as abundant as CBD. We offer an extensive collection of CBG products, including CBG oil, a CBG wax, CBG edibles, and CBG softgel capsules.


The basics of CBG

CBG 101

Until recently, CBG has only manifested in very small amounts in most cannabis strains, usually far less then 1% however, certain hemp strains are now being specifically bred to generate higher yields of this rare and fascinating cannabinoid. Strains, colors, bud sizes and CBD strength may vary from harvest to harvest.