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How to figure out the best amount of cbd for you.


The Ultimate Guide to CBD Dosing.

The purpose of our CBD dosing guide is to help you learn CBD and its benefits a little better. If you’d like to learn even more about CBD, visit our “CBD 101 Guide” here.  Alright, now let’s get into the CBD dose guide!

An outline to choosing your strength and dosage.

We understand the easily confusing contents that can set some first-time buyers onto the wrong path regarding CBD dosage.  When it comes to finding the right CBD dosage, what works for you personally, might be a completely different dosage for someone else. Determining the right amount of CBD to consume takes a little time and effort to find your dose and even then, you may need to periodically adjust your CBD usage.

Everyone has to start somewhere, so if you’re new to CBD, we’ve got you covered! This guide should shed some light on finding the right dose for you, what product  to try first, and some useful insights into CBD.

To start things off, RESTART offers four different strengths of CBD oil; 20mg/mL, 40mg/mL, 60mg/mL and 100mg/mL. The strengths indicate the total amount of CBD contained in each 1mL dropper. We also have CBD gummies that range in 30-50mg  of CBD per piece for easy dosing.

Many articles talk about how much CBD you should take. Some are right and some mixed with truths and half-truths.

Key Points to Remember:

  1. Less Is more. Start slow and work your way up. The results don’t always improve with higher doses.
  2. Everybody is different. Find what works for you. Any recommendation is just a starting point.
Watch Co-Founders Sydney and Shayda Torabi discuss CBD Dosing.

Answering this question can help you decide on what strength is right for you! We definitely can’t cover everything, but we’ve included some of the reasons for taking CBD into the following categories.

  • SLEEP. 

Customers have reported feeling clarity and focus with lower doses versus a higher dose, which will have a relaxing, tranquil feeling.  If you are looking for help managing anxiety or stress, it’s recommended to start with a lower dose.  Pain management is different from person to person, but our calibrated droppers allow you to vary your dosage to suit your needs.

The ratio is the relationship between CBD and THC. The most common CBD products contain only CBD (0:1), since it’s not considered intoxicating and is widely available. If you life somewhere with legal access to cannabis, you will likely have options that include THC,. Research shows that adding other cannabinoids can make CBD treatments more effective for certain conditions. CBD actually lowers your body’s psychoactive responses to THC, so patients could receive the benefits of THC compounds without feeling as intoxicating as with THC alone.

Four common product ratios, as well as potential use cases. Shown a CBD:THC.

1:0 Targeting general wellness.

20:1 Targeting Neurological Conditions

3:1 Targeting Autoimmune Diseases

1:1 Targeting severe pain & Inflammation

To learn more about what ratio and potency is right for your ailments, you can find all types of research online or call our 411 nurses hotline at 844-LEAF411 (844-532-3411). Contact Restart CBD for a special code that will waive the $25 consultation fee.

Here are two of the best resources for third party cannabis studies.


Google Scholar 

Simply type in any word or phrase, like “limonene” or “cannabinoids and inflammation” into the search bar, and an abundance of information will populate

That’s the question that comes up most frequently after “What is CBD?,”  “How can it help me?” and “What’s the best way to take it?”

Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all answer. Most people who are new to the world of CBD are encouraged to start with the smallest suggested dosage, and gradually increasing the dosage until they achieve their desired results.

  • CLARITY, CALM, FOCUS. Start with 10mg. Most people use 10-60mg.
  • ALL-DAY PAIN RELIEF. Start with 20mg. Most people use 20-120mg.
  • SLEEP. Start with 30mg. Most people use 40mg – 120mg+

Research is underway to determine how much CBD the body needs to get the most beneficial effect. It’s turning out to be different for everyone depending on his or her make-up, the issue being treated, and their chosen method of intake.


IMPORTANT TO NOTE Before you undertake any new herbal medicine regimen you should consult a medical professional, preferably a naturopathic doctor.

CBD is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  However, CBD may help to bring your body back into homeostasis, or balance. With the full range of maladies CBD can potentially help, there are factors to take into account when you consider how much to take.

There are substantial differences whether you’re treating acute or chronic symptoms. Chronic issues have been reported to require taking higher doses for more extended periods of time, while acute problems can be relieved with smaller amounts and less vigilance.

CBD effects everyone differently – both immediately and over time. The product and dosage that works best depends on the individual.

As with all other CBD products, it necessary to begin slowly and gradually increase the dosage with respect to the well-being. Amount of CBD and other cannabinoids depends on the individual’s weight, type of an issue or a disease and many other parameters.

Legally, we are unable to make dosage recommendations. We can not say what is the right dose for your problem. So we suggest doing some further research.  The best recommendation is to educate yourself before using cannabinoids and to find the best possible product that suits you. However, many people who are new to CBD start with a lower amount and gradually work their way up to the amount that’s right for them.

We do recommend that you try CBD for at least 14 days at a time. This will allow you to understand the longer-term effects. There’s something out there for everyone, so don’t hesitate to try out different types and amounts.

As you’re probably gathering by now,  the amount of CBD necessary for specific issues is still being widely researched. However, due to absorbability, larger amounts of CBD may be necessary to treat the body. The way it’s talked about scientifically is milligrams/kilograms or a milligram of medication per kilogram of the body weight of the person taking the medicine.

it is important to note the potency for any CBD product. An average starting dose is around 5-10mg of CBD. Depending on the potency, this could be 5 to 10 drops of oil from a bottle strength of 40mg per mL. The more potent options are good if you understand your ideal dose and want to be more efficient. If you are new to CBD, start with a less potent product to allow yourself more control over your doses.

Before continuing its important to understand what MG and ML stand for.

MG is short for Milligrams. A milligram is a measurement of weight for an active ingredient. CBD is measured in total weight within the container not per ml.

ML is short for Milliliter. A milliliter is used to describe the volume of fluid, in this case the total liquid within the container – the size of the bottle or jar.

The size of the container makes a big difference to the strength (concentration) of CBD as the CBD rating will be split by the amount of overall fluid within the container.

All CBD related products from any CBD seller SHOULD HAVE a CBD rating of which is described in mg, for example, 200mg CBD. The higher the CBD rating the higher the price of the product despite its container, bottle or tub size.

RESTART CBD Oil Strengths:

  • 20MG per 1 mL dropper (600MG/30ml)
  • 40MG per 1 mL dropper (1200MG/30mL)
  • 60MG per 1 mL dropper (1800MG/30mL)
  • 100MG per 1mL dropper (3000MG/30mL)

After shaking the bottle, fully squeeze the dropper in the bottle and draw in the CBD oil to the 1mL mark. This is one full dropper. We recommend filling the dropper fully first, then squeezing drops back into the bottle to measure half and quarter doses.

RESTART uses calibrated droppers. However if you have a dropper with no calibrations, usually one full pull of a dropper should equal 1 mL.

If you are taking a full dropper daily, you will end up with 30 doses or roughly a month’s worth in a 30mL bottle.

Before we start, a standard sized dropper equates to roughly 1mL.   Some products recommend counting drops, but not all drops are created equal.  There may be anywhere from 20 drops to over 40 drops in a one mL dropper.  The variation will depend on how large the dropper opening is AND/OR what type of liquid is in each bottle.  Some are thicker than others depending what else is in your product. So we prefer to measure by calibrated markings on our droppers.

Generally, our RESTART CBD Oils, mixed only with organic MCT coconut oil, contain 10 drops per 1/4 mL.

For any size bottle: Divide the CBD rating weight (example 200mg [200]) by the size of the container (example 10ml bottle [10]), the answer is the CBD concentration strength per ML [20mg CBD per ml].



Here’s a breakdown of the approximate strengths of the three strengths we offer:

600 mg • 30 ml [20mg CBD per mL) = Divide 600 by 30, and you find there’s 20 mg per dropper.

900 mg • 30 ml [30mg CBD per mL) = Divide 900 by 30 which equals 30mg per 1mL dropper.

1200 mg • 30 ml [40mg CBD per mL) = Divide 1200 by 30 which equals 40mg per 1mL per dropper.



Now I’m going to state the obvious. If you need high doses of CBD to get relief, you can see the benefit in using a stronger product.

So if we use a 10 mL, 200 mg bottle of CBD as an example, a 1 mL dropper will give you a 20 mg dose of CBD (1 mL = 20 mg).  As you can see, the strength in RESTART Replenish CBD Oil 200mg • 10mL is the same as the strength in our Replenish 600mg • 30mL bottle.

The important issue of how many milligrams of CBD necessary for you to get relief for your specific problem is why our CBD products come in three strengths. (20mg, 30mg and 40mg per mL).

Even though standards are not set, there’s a simple way to discover the point where you begin to feel relief. It’s simple but not easy, as it requires follow through. You can find for yourself what works best for you. If you’re on prescription medication, be sure to talk with your physician before experimenting.

CBD oil can be experimented with to find the right CBD dosage for you. Start with small incremental doses to learn how much is the least amount needed to meet your need. To get started, many people find it helpful starting at a low dose for at least one to two weeks before increasing. The goal is to find your sweet spot at the lowest amount of CBD possible  because once you find that amount  you know you’re not wasting your money by taking too much or too little. How much you ultimately need depends on your age, weight, the severity of your issue and body’s absorption rate, which varies for everyone.
There are no agreed upon scientific guidelines to date, but scientists are getting more knowledgeable with every study. Most experts agree that an excellent place to begin is with 10 – 20 mg once or twice a day, but the time variable and amount to increase is different with everyone. We recommend going slowly, increasing by 5 – 10 mg. every 5 – 7 days.  How much that translates to is based on the strength of the oil.   (EXAMPLE OF CBD DOSING GUIDELINE) 

Start low and increase as needed.  Some people take CBD 3-4 times a day for 6-8 weeks, then once the CBD is built up in their system, they can take it less frequently, such as 1-2 times a day thereafter.   NOTE: You can not overdose on CBD but higher dosages can make you drowsy.

Hold under tongue for 30-60 seconds.

Dropping the oil under the tongue is the fastest way to feel the effects. We hear from customers that they have the best results when they drop their dose under their tongue, hold it there for 60 seconds then swallow. 

Add it to your favorite beverage.

A lot of our customers like to add it to their morning coffee. They report feeling the energy from the coffee without the jitters when adding 10-30 mg of CBD.

Either way is suitable, but most importantly, we recommend being routine with your dose. Be it in the morning with coffee, mid-day to manage stress, before bed to help sleep, or all three.


CBD affects everyone differently. Since everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different, some will observe the effects more so than others. CBD’s effects can be discreet, and it will be more apparent to look for what you do not feel as opposed to what you do.


If CBD is new for you, we suggest you take it at the same time every day for a week. Keep notes on when you take it and how you feel to track your dosage.

Generally, you’ll feel the effects of CBD within 30 minutes; some may experience more subtle effects and or take more time. You may notice a difference right away, or it may take a little time. Either way, you may notice the effects more if you focus on what you aren’t feeling rather than what you are. It’s most effective when you start a routine with CBD, so it’s recommended taking it habitually.

Tracking your experience in a CBD journal helps give insight as you move on. Keep track of how much you’re taking and how you feel afterward. You can check-in with yourself at hour intervals or whatever works for you.

Hopefully, all this helps you start. You can find other useful articles in our Blog Posts. Feel free to Contact or call us at (802) 868-1001 for any assistance you might need. We are in office Mon – Fri, 10 am – 6:30 pm Central and look forward to hearing from you.

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The higher the CBD rating in MG does not necessarily mean it’s stronger.



4 tips before you begin:

  1. If you are new to CBD, it’s recommended you to start with the lower dosages and gradually work your way up to the dose that works for you.
  2. Larger individuals may prefer a higher dose of CBD than smaller people.
  3. If you have a medical condition, always consult with a health care professional before consuming CBD.
  4. When you use CBD, you might need to use it during a longer period of time for the endocannabinoid effects to occur.

In the example above, a handful of first time buyers may think that a 30ml 300mg bottle is stronger in CBD or contains overall more CBD than the smaller 10ml 200mg bottle, this is a mistake that is often made.

The smaller 10ml bottle of 200mg CBD is actually  stronger (20mg CBD per mL) because the 200mg of CBD is split between 10ml of liquid  The 30mL bottle of 300mg is split between 30mL, so it has a lower strength (10mg CBD per mL). In this example,  the CBD Strength (concentration) is shared with more liquid in the 30ml bottle making it a weaker strength per mL.

CBD sellers rate the total contents of CBD in the product by MG, not per ML. There is a very good reason for this despite its confusion. It is designed to offer a way for consumers to measure exactly how much CBD is in each dropper.

In addition to the total CBD within the bottle, it SHOULD also state the amount of CBD per mL.  At RESTART CBD we add this information clearly on the product’s label.

With our products you do not need to do these mathematical equations, as we do it for you on our product’s description. And our 15mL and larger bottles all have calibrated droppers to measure how much CBD you are taking per serving.

If you did find yourself in a situation were you need to confirm the actual CBD strength rather than the weight of CBD, then you can perform a simple mathematical equation:

CBD comes in different strengths x bottle sizes.

Also important to note: CBD from Hemp is legal in all 50 states, but must contain no more than 0.3% THC. CBD from marijuana, is NOT legal in all states.


For more information check out our RESTART CBD RATING PAGE.

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