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What’s the difference between RESTART CBD’s hemp cigarettes and other brands?

Our CBD cigarettes are made from the actual hemp flower shake, which has about 8-10% CBD, as opposed to some other “CBD cigarettes” on the market.

Beware of other CBD cigarette brands which may be using:

  • “Spent” hemp, meaning the left-over biomass after extraction with no CBD
  • Hemp stems and stalks that would have very little, if any, CBD
  • Poor quality hemp grown in contaminated soil, containing pesticides or other contaminants
  • Synthetic hemp

RESTART CBD Brand Cigarettes:

  • All natural, premium, domestically-grown hemp
  • No seeds. No stalks. No stems. No nicotine. No tobacco.
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • Excellent reviews on social media

CBD cigarettes show exceptional promise as an aid to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. Past research has shown that consuming high levels of CBD can help reduce cravings, and this consumption method offers an identical look, feel, and experience as traditional tobacco cigarettes. Research suggests that CBD products may neutralize smoking cues, reduce nicotine cravings, and combat the most prevalent symptoms of addiction.