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Smoking hemp flower might serve as a replacement for some tobacco users. Many consumers are turning to CBD in various forms to replace tobacco, and early research indicates the cannabinoid may well have some potential in that arena.

CBD cigarettes have the potential to ween smokers off tobacco and onto something safer.

Shayda Torabi, co-founder of RESTART CBD (and former cigarette smoker herself) finds that smoking high-CBD hemp flower and hemp cigarettes takes away her cravings for tobacco smoke and the desire to light up.

She finds that smoking hemp flower, not only helps her feel relaxed without being high, it also serves to replace the rituals associated with smoking cigarettes.  Especially, a pre-rolled, filtered hemp cigarette which offers the enjoyment of smoking a tobacco cigarette but in a smaller quantity than 1 gram of pre-rolled CBD Hemp flower.

RESTART CBD offers carefully trimmed and properly treated hemp flower—high in CBD but containing almost no THC.

CBD cigarettes and pre-rolls may help some smokers reduce their tobacco use. While smoking CBD Hemp flower from a pipe, glass joint or in a pre-roll provides the same experience, chemically speaking, our CBD cigarettes give smokers a truly natural alternative to smoking a cigarette, and can help to replace the cravings of smoking a tobacco cigarette. PLUS the added benefits of the hemp flower and CBD.

For a lot of people, smoking is more than just a chemical addiction to nicotine.  It’s taking a moment to sit back and relax or unwind when out on the town with a friend. 

To beat a nicotine cigarette habit, RESTART CBD offers a replacement that has the same feel in the hand and mouth that cigarette smokers are accustomed to.

It smokes like a cigarette and comes in similar packaging, while replacing tobacco with CBD-rich hemp.

Our goal is to help people fight cigarettes with cigarettes.  Pre-rolled high-CBD flower joints and CBD cigarettes are growing increasingly popular with our customers.

RESTART CBD offers high-CBD cigarettes in addition to CBD Hemp flower, CBD Vape, CBD oil and other products.


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