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RESTART CBD Recover Topical Cream is now available in an airless pump container. We prefer this delivery system because it’s hygienic, consistent and simple to use. It may look similar to other cream dispensers you may have used in the past, but under the surface the airless pump design is a bit different. The biggest change is that there are no tubes or straws inside to force the cream out of the jar. Here’s what to know:

  1. Airless pump creates a vacuum effect, pulling air out and bring cream with it.
  2. RESTART CBD cream is pulled up by the airless pump and pushed up by the plate below.
  3. Plate sits beneath the cream & helps it to the top as vacuum effect pulls it upwards.
  4. Air intakes, tiny air holes in the base of the jar pushes air towards the plate.

Why RESTART uses an airless pump container for our topical cream?

There are a couple benefits to using an airless pump bottle design. 

1. The Airless Pump is super hygienic. This container design stops excess oxygen and other impurities from coming into contact with the cream and guards against contaminants (no more fingers in your skin care products.) Removing any internal straws from the design and instead basing the movement of the product on air intake systems and vacuums inhibits microbial growth and keeps our cream fresher longer. The vacuum press pump can effectively isolate harmful air and will help keep oxygen from ruining your moisturizer and creams. With the vacuum press pump design, instead of a straw, you can use every drop of your product.

2. The White Liner Design will diffuse the UV light and prevent our CBD cream from being affected.

3. Easy To Use. When pressed, the plunger will push the product up and out of the top.

4. BPA-FREE & Non-Toxic. Made of acrylic & silicone material, which is harmless to the body, compact & lightweight, convenient to carry, and can be reused for long time.

5. Perfect For Dispension. Lightweight and portable, perfect for travel. The airless pump system is reliable, dispensing product in metered quantities to ensure consistent application.

6.  These airless pump jars are not only for use at home but also Ideal for travel, lightweight and portable.

How to prime an airless pump container.

When you first receive your airless pump product, pump the top a few times and your cream should start dispensing normally. Since our containers do not contain a straw it’s important to note that a few empty pumps at the beginning is completely normal – some containers may take up to 10-30 pumps if they have been sitting for a while.

If you’re not getting any cream after 5 pumps, we recommend priming the pump. Start by putting the cap back on the bottle, then hold your bottle upside-down and gently tap the top of the bottle against a flat surface. This should get the product moving. 

My container is empty, can I open it?

If you just received your cream and are pumping the container but not seeing any product come out, please don’t try to open the container – this can damage airless pump system. Please start by priming the bottle (see above).

If you are near the very end of your product then yes, you can unscrew the cap to get out the last remaining cream. Please use a Q-tip (not your finger) so the cream is applied hygienically. 

What products come in this airless pump container? RESTART CBD Recover Topical Cream.

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