RESTART CBD Mothers Day Gift Guide


Whether your mom is a full-on canna mom or just really enjoys a CBD gummy to help her go to sleep, we love and celebrate all moms and motherly figures on their canna-curious journeys which is why we’ve put together this RESTART CBD gift guide to help you shop for your loved ones this Mothers Day!

We have a few ways to shop for mom this year whether you’re visiting her in person or celebrating from afar, take advantage of our nationwide shipping, local Austin curbside pick up, or bring your mom in anytime to shop our retail store during the month of May for 10% off *both* your orders as a way to celebrate.

In case you didn’t know, moms hold a special place in our hearts. We are a family business run by three sisters after all, but our mom is the first person who introduced our family to CBD after our oldest sister Shayda was in an auto-pedestrian accident in 2015, so we truly feel we wouldn’t be here sharing our love of cannabis with yall without our mom’s influence.

For the “Cool Mom”

Your mom is the cool mom if she’s ever been the first one to suggest you visit the dispensary the moment you land in Colorado. She’s the one who taught you to puff puff pass, and as a result, isn’t afraid of a little THC. Treat her to some of our most popular hemp-derived delta 9 THC products, or surprise her with a RESTART Special Blend pre-roll 6 pack to share or not to share, her choice!

For the “Mom looking for a solid night’s sleep”

We know how important sleep is, and your mom does too. She’s a busy woman keeping up with everybody and nobody at the same time and all she’s looking for is a solid night’s rest. CBN is a popular cannabinoid that promotes sleepiness and depending on your mom’s preferences, we have a few ways she can take it whether she wants a dosed gummy treat or prefers something a bit more medicinal like a capsule or oil, treat your mom to 8 hours of bliss… and then maybe make her breakfast in the morning

For the “Mom Who’s On The Move”

A body in motion stays in motion, and your mom is the queen of her peloton and or neighborhood walking trail. We know (because that’s our mom) the importance of a healthy active heart, but hate the aches and pains that come with moving and shaking. So whether your mom is seeking relief after an intense workout or just feeling the compounding effects of life itself, our bodies build up inflammation and could use some extra TLC to flush it all out. Support her active lifestyle with CBD heavy oils, and topicals to soothe those tired muscles pre and post-workout!

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Want the perfect pairing to give to your canna-mom? Check out our carefully curated gift bundles to give to your mom, aunt, grandma, and every other mother figure in your life.