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Delta 9 Edibles

Delta 9 THC is the best in Austin, Texas! 
Here at Restart CBD, we produce the safest and cleanest hemp products in the industry. Our products are quality tested, lab-certified, and all derived from hemp. But beyond our high standards of what an actual hemp product should entail, we carry a wide variety of hemp derived D9 products that can be shipped directly to your door!
We offer a variety of hemp-derived Delta 9 gummies and products. Each product showcases a different experience. Our hemp derived D9, and other cannabinoids come together to create the entourage effect all we know and love.

Delta 9 THC 15mg + CBD 15mg Almond Toffee 4-ct


Delta 9 THC 5mg Gummies Strawberry Lime – Low Dose


Delta 9 15mg + CBD 15mg Caramels


Delta 9 THC CBD 300mg Chocolate Bar


Delta 9 15mg + CBD 15mg Peanut Butter Nugs


Delta 9 THC Brownie Bites 2/pk (50mg)


THCV Delta 9 CBD 20mg Gummies (6:1:1) Strawberry Lime Live Resin – Micro Dose


Delta 9 THC 20mg + CBN 20mg Gummies Cherry Indica


Delta 9 THC 2mg + CBD 2mg Hard Candies 25-ct – Microdose


Delta 9 THC 10mg Gummies Lemon-Lime


Delta 9 THC 200mg Caramel Popcorn


Delta 9 THC 20mg Gummies Trio (3 x 6pk)


Delta 8 20mg + Delta 9 THC 20mg Gummies Yuzu Pineapple


Delta 9 THC 45mg Triple Chocolate Brownie


Delta 9 THC 15mg Lollipop


Delta 9 THC 150mg Dark Chocolate Bar


Delta 9 THC 20mg Gummies Sour Watermelon


Delta 9 THC 20mg Gummies Mango Tajin


Delta 9 THC 50mg Reeses Chocolate Peanut Crunch Treat


Delta 9 THC 50mg Rice Krispie Treat


Delta 9 15mg + CBD 15mg Caramels 1-ct


Delta 9 THC 20mg + CBD 20mg Gummies Raspberry Sativa


Delta 9 THC 2mg + CBD 2mg Hard Candies 5-ct – Microdose Sample


Delta 9 THC 20mg Gummies Texas Tangie

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