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Compare RESTART CBD Hemp Flower Strains

CBD Hemp Flower provides all of the Benefits of CBD.  However, every strain has individual characteristics. CBD and THC levels vary per strain plus the terpene levels in each strain produce different effects and aromas.  Everyone experiences CBD flower on different levels, and it’s important to note that even Sativa/Day strains could make you drowsy, because the side effect of too much CBD for most people is tranquilizing.  So our best advice is to start slow and try different strains, to see how they might affect you personally.  RESTART CBD Variety pack Pre-rolls or Variety 6-pack single grams are a good place to start if you’d like to experiment with a few different strains at once.” —The CBDSisters



Cannabis hemp sativa strains are said to be day strains that provide uplifting, invigorating cerebral effects that pair well with physical activity, creative projects and social gatherings.

  • HAWAIIAN HAZE Citrus. Pineapple. Earthy. Floral. (Relief management. Energy. Ease stress.)
  • ELEKTRA Sweet. Citrus. Earthy. (Ease stress. Fatigue. Relief.)
  • SOUR SPACE CANDY Sour candy. Lemongrass. (Relaxed balance. Calming. Muscle Ease.)


Indica CBD flower strains are believed to be physically sedating, perfect for relaxing with a movie or as a nightcap before bed.

  • BUBBA KUSH Sweet. Hashish. (Tranquilizing. Muscle Ease. Mood Boost. Focus.)
  • SUVER HAZE Pine. Lemongrass. Tropical Fruit. (Sedative. Muscle and Joint Relief. Stress Relief.)
  • WHITE CBG Pine. Peppery. Fresh Flowers. (Sleep. Relief. Bone Growth.)


CBD Flower Hybrids are thought to fall somewhere in between a Sativa and Indica, offering a balance of indica and sativa effects.

  • LIFTER Sweet funk. Lemon. (Energy. Focus. Relief. Body-muscle ease.)

Premium CBD Hemp Flower Strains

BUBBA KUSH (Indica) Sweet. Hashish.


ELEKTRA (Sativa)  Sweet. Citrus. Earthy.


HAWAIIAN HAZE (Sativa) Citrus. Pineapple. Earthy Floral.


LIFTER (Hybrid) Sweet. Funk. Lemon.


SOUR SPACE CANDY (Sativa) Sour Candy. Lemongrass.


SUVER HAZE (Indica/Night) Pine. Lemongrass. Tropical Fruit.


WHITE CBG (Indica/Night) Pine. Peppery. Fresh Flower.

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