There’s a good reason that so many consumers want to avoid GMOs at all costs! These are very dangerous substances that are causing all sorts of damage to our fragile human bodies. RESTART CBD is produced from non-GMO hemp, ensuring the production of non-GMO CBD. Each batch is third-party lab tested and guaranteed to be free of contaminants. GMOs stands for genetically modified organisms. In simple terms, these are items that have had their genetic makeup modified through gene splicing, gene modification, or transgenic technology.  We are seeing GMOs pop up in the foods we eat more and more. It doesn’t take much to imagine why this would be problematic. Because they are relatively new technology, the long-term impact of GMOs on human health is unknown.  However, as reported by an evidence-based study by Earth Open Source, scientists have found that GMOs:
  • harm soil and biodiversity;
  • contain toxins and can be allergenic;
  • are less nutritious;
  • increase disease susceptibility; and
  • are bred by growers to require an increase pesticide use.
GMOs are not something that most people want to mess around with due to the many side effects. Already, we are seeing changes in the health and wellness of people who regularly consume foods that contain high levels of GMOs. Food and crops are modified in order to produce more quantity, however, this is leading to a sacrifice in quality. When food is engineered to be mass produced, it’s difficult to keep up with the ways it may change and affect our bodies along the way.


When it comes to the CBD oil you use, you want to make sure to avoid anything that might contain these harmful GMOs. After all, you’re using CBD oil for its health benefits — you don’t want to add in a negative impact on your health at the same time!