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ABC’s of CBD- Isolate


Shayda Torabi 00:06
Hello and welcome back to the restarted CBD channel. My name is Shayda and today we’re going to answer what is isolate CBD or pure CBD as we refer to it at restart as part of our ABCs of CBD series where we help answer industry terms as well as your frequently asked questions to kick things off isolate is one of three categories when it comes to types of CBD products. We have videos on full spectrum broad spectrum and isolate. So if you’re curious to learn about the other two I mentioned, be sure to visit our channel to peek at all of our educational cannabis content. With that said, today we’re breaking down isolate based products. Isolate is the purest form of extracted cannabinoids. It is essentially a powder with a purity of 99.9%. Another identifying trait of isolate CBD products is that Islip products contain it no other cannabis plant compounds, so you are isolating out the CBD compound and eliminating any other cannabinoids, like THC and also eliminating other compounds like flavonoids and terpenes. When we educate our customers in our retail, we often paint a picture for them. But I’m going to reiterate now for you if you have a pie chart and you take an isolate based product 99.9% of that pie chart is pure CBD and if you look up what CBD can help you with, and you think hey, that is something that my body could benefit from an isolate product, you’re taking the whole pie of CBD contrast out to full spectrum or broad spectrum which is a combination of other compounds. that pie chart then maybe 30 to 60%, CBD and 70 to 40% of other compounds. And it’s not that one is right or wrong, but it really comes down to your preference and what you are wanting to take CBD for some argue that you need the full spectrum entourage effect to best experience the plant, but we always want you to be educated so you can make the best decision for yourself. For example, if you are someone who gets drug tested, full spectrum, even with trace amounts of THC could build up in your system, causing you to fail a drug test if that is of concern for you, you may want to explore broad spectrum or isolate products because the THC has been removed. Another feature to contrast is isolate because of its purity will essentially be flavorless. So if you’re trying to avoid a grassy or heavy taste, you may want to try and isolate product to start I’m not a doctor so I can’t legally go into the benefits of CBD. But with that said, I think if you’re trying to evaluate what would work best for you consider your professional situation and what you want to benefit from by taking CBD to help guide you towards making a decision. At restart we offer a wide range of CBD isolate products from sublingual oils to edibles and from their CBD does take time to work in your system and it will come down to dose and frequency meaning how do you take meaning how much do you take and how often? With all of that said we always encourage our customers to make the best decision for their situation, and that finding the right dose and product can take some time as you work through discovering the right frequency and amount to take for yourself. If you have questions, you can always drop us a comment below, or visit our website, restart and chat directly with a live human from our team who is trained to help answer your questions and point you in the best direction for your unique situation. We understand cannabis can be confusing, but we’re hopeful with our help. It doesn’t have to be. So if you enjoyed it, don’t forget to hit subscribe and turn on alerts so you’ll be notified when we release new videos and thanks for tuning in to another one of our episodes on the ABCs of CBD. Please stay tuned for the next one. We’ll see you the next video. Bye y’all.

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