ABC’s of CBD- What Is Live Resin?


Hello and welcome back to the RESTART CBD channel. My name is Shayda and today we’re diving back into our series on the ABCs of CBD. To discuss what is live resin Quick disclaimer, I’m not a doctor and this video is for educational purposes only. So to start like resin is a type of cannabis concentrate or extraction and it’s become popular among both consumers and producers because it preserves the flavors and aromas of the living plant better than any other cannabis extraction. Typically, because of how it preserves the living plant matter. It will have a more complex terpene profile, which can deliver a more complex experience. Now I don’t want to overwhelm you and rest assured we will have videos covering more of these types of concentrates as it is a really large bucket. But some other terms for concentrates you might have heard are shatter or wax. And those terms are meant to quite literally define the texture or consistency of the concentrate with live resin. By definition it is more malleable which might be a preference if you’re looking to consume it as a concentrate using a dab tool for example and here are restart we’re starting to play around with incorporating live resins into our edibles. So you may have seen some products that mentioned live resin on them and the best way to describe it is that the extract was made using the live resin process and the end result of live resin was incorporated into the edible which based on our earlier description means that the effects might be more potent in a live resin product because it will have a more complex terpene profile with more living plant matter preserved. If you’re interested in trying some of our live resin gummies Be sure to check out our delta eight CBG CBD 100 milligram at live resin gummies. We also have live resin in a smokeable products. If you’re more familiar with concentrates, then you know you can do a lot with concentrates and one of those applications is turning it into a Vape which we typically referred to as a concentrate product. And we offer live resin vapes, which you guessed it compared to a traditional vape will have live resin extract incorporated meaning it is a more full plant experience. And lastly, we also offer live resin infused into hemp flour. So all that means is that the hemp flour is coded in live resin to give it that added full plant profile. There’s really not a right or wrong way to consume or explore cannabis, it really comes down to how you’re trying to feel and what products help you get there. So the big takeaway I want to leave you with is the familiarity of the word live resin, how it relates to concentrates, I really want you to be able to see that word and understand what it is. And personally speaking, this is one of my favorite types of extractions. So I always look out for products that are labeled with live resin. And of course everyone has different preferences and different products will work better for one person over the other. The key is to keep educating yourself with resources. So thanks for hitting play on this video and educating yourself a bit with more of our content. And the next step is really just try products out and see for yourself and see what types of products and dose works best for you. If you liked what you saw, be sure to hit subscribe so you don’t miss future videos and drop a comment with your questions or feedback below. We love engaging with you guys. And I really appreciate you so much thanks for rethinking cannabis with us here at restart CBD. And we’ll see you on the next video. Bye y’all.

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