Concordia Graduate an Instagram Sensation

Shayda Torabi Concordia University Alumni Restart CBD

Concordia Graduate an Instagram Sensation

Shayda Torabi, a 28-year-old born and raised Austinite, is quite the hit on the web. A 2012 Concordia University Texas Communication graduate, Torabi remains proud of her alma mater and has been back as a campus guest speaker several times. She even had her own campus radio show during two of her undergraduate years.

Shayda Torabi Concordia University Alumni Restart CBD

…She was active in her major and was able to secure an internship related to one of her biggest passions. (music)…


Thanks to CTX faculty, Torabi was able to secure an internship with the Office of the Texas Governor in their Texas Music Office. During that year’s SXSW festival, she discovered WP Engine, an Austin-based WordPress hosting company that was in early stages at the time. Torabi was hired as their events manager, and spent the first six years of her professional career there.

“I went from events manager, to product marketing manager to partner marketing manager,” Torabi said. “And it was through those roles and experiences with WP Engine, a managed WordPress platform, that I launched @withshayda. I’ve been blogging under that name for four years….”


In 2017, she left WP Engine to become a marketing director for a top WordPress agency called WebDevStudios. Torabi spent about nine months there before using the skills she learned at Concordia to launch her own business with her sister, Sydney Torabi. (Personal Coach, Nutritionist and fitness blogger.)

“I founded a CBD business because three years ago, I was in a car accident and broke my pelvis,” she explained. “I used CBD oil to help heal myself. We care about the ingredients we put in our bodies whether it’s food or medicine and saw an opportunity to create a THC-free CBD oil and help create education in an industry that is honestly really lacking awareness. Concordia prepared me for this and to be an entrepreneur.”

All the while, Torabi maintained an active online presence. Her posts about food, fitness, travel and health have yielded a healthy number of followers on her blog and her Instagram…..

Her goal is to use her platforms to motivate others to live their best life.
“I really believe Concordia set me up for the successes I’ve had in my life,” she said.

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