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Delta 9 THC Edibles: 20mg Flavors

delta 9 thc edibles: 20mg flavors RESTART cannabis

What is up y’all welcome back to the RESTART CBD YouTube channel.

Today we’re bringing it back down to basics and talking about one of our most popular edibles that we offer and sell. It is the 20-milligram Delta nine THC gummy. And we started off with just one flavor.

Now we have multiple flavors. And I’m curious to hear what your favorite flavor is, if you’ve ever tried it, please leave it down in the comments. But we’re just going to talk to the basics, the quality of the edible what makes it different than other edibles out there. And let’s just get right into that.

If you are curious at the nuances of what delta nine versus delta eight is different kinds of THC, we have tons of videos on our channel that you can definitely go check out I will link them down below the description. And also you can just view all of our playlists on research CBDs YouTube channel, but for today’s purposes, I’m going to keep it kind of short and just give you the cliff notes of what delta nine THC is essentially if you’re used to legal state edibles.

So if you come from a place like Colorado, California, if you’re tuning in from New York, anywhere that you’ve legal marijuana derived THC edibles, most likely those are delta nine so we in Texas being that marijuana is illegal, do you have a differentiation of delta A versus those nine versus delta 10 Other THC’s because the way the law is written so in 2018 when the farm bill was passed, it really explicitly talked about delta nine THC and to be deemed as hemp to be classified as hemp to be legal, we have to fall under the category of less than point 3% of Delta nine THC.

Now, every state is different some of it do it on a total THC basis, I’m just testing for the Delta nine portion of it. And so with Delta nine being semi illegal, we found a way to really concentrate that cannabinoid and still keep it under the point 3% Not only that, but we also have to abide by the law of deriving it from hemp, not from marijuana if you get if you want any details on that I will leave the link below we have some blog posts on it you definitely go read more up on that so for today’s purposes again, we’re talking about our delta nine THC edibles which if you’re familiar legal state they’re going to be the most familiar as far as dosage feeling effects what you’re used to from illegal states and from those dispensaries recreational that you’re getting and some medical as well.

Starting off with our most popular product and our most popular flavor. We first launched these 20 milligram edibles back maybe I want to say maybe six or seven months ago whenever I’m recording this video. I can’t remember the actual date.

But when we found out that we could concentrate Delta nine THC and put it in a gummy game on that was easily something that we really wanted to work towards. I think being in Texas without the same legalities. As legal states. We’re always trying to find ways to give you anyone the capabilities to really make your own decisions to make your own purchases and find things that work for you. And a lot of people love THC and for good reason.

So with our first Delta 920 milligrams, we came out with this flavor called a Texas tangy and it’s really just a slightly more tart version, an orange and they’re a really really great great flavor profile. The ingredients are sugar, glucose, pectin, citric acid, natural flavors have extract natural colors and MCT coconut oil with the natural colors, natural flavors, I really want to touch on that because our gummy formula is made with pectin, meaning that it is plant based or vegan formula versus a gelatin which is animal based. The pectin also was really great as a stabilizer in this Texas heat, were able to ship our gummies. Because of that it happened not melt into a big ol glob. And the texture of it is honestly just way way better than gelatin in my opinion and all not only that, or edibles come in this 10 count like I showed you earlier but also in these sample sizes that you can get online. So if you’re curious about it, it’s when I try them out. They come in these sample sizes. It’s a one count of our edibles and again this is at 20 milligrams at the top of the Delta nine THC and gives you all that information right on the bottom.

One of my favorite things about edibles is actually let me backtrack a little bit me personally, I had a really bad experience with edibles a while back and I deem them as a no no for a very long time because I just took way too much at once. I feel like we all have these stories but I didn’t take edibles for a very long time. I didn’t smoke I didn’t do anything. It was just a completely non question not going to take anything cannabis wise then I started to learn more about cannabis or to learn about cannabinoids dosage my body what I can handle.

And the best way to think about dosing if you’re used to alcohol consumption or caffeine consumption Everyone is very, very different. But it’s always good to start small a small dose for a Delta nine THC, in my opinion, is two to maybe five milligrams on the upper side for a CBD dose that’s in another video. But essentially, you can go much higher because there’s no psycho tropic effect that is associated with CBD. But with Delta nine THC, you always want to start really small. For me, even being the business nowadays, and having access to all these things, my current tolerance and dose is still maybe on the upper limit, like 10 milligrams.

But that’s if I really want to have a good time, a good night, sit on the couch, eat some ice cream, eat some popcorn, and watch a movie on Netflix or Hulu, you know, like, that’s what I’m like really vibing out and having my own me time, if you will, don’t want to be social media. It’s a five milligram, I just want to microdose and just feel better. Maybe it’s two, two and a half milligrams. But again, that’s me personally, I say these things to give you a good idea. If you’re newer to cannabis consumption, you don’t have to take a certain milligram to feel a certain way.

Everyone’s very, very different. But Jeff, definitely start on the low end. So if you are curious why these higher milligrams at 20 milligrams, what I do is honestly typically just cut them in quarters or a half again, depending on how much I’m taking. And then he just put him right back in the case and then you’re good to go, you actually get a lot more bang for your buck. That way, it’s really easy to dose because all of our edibles are this nice little square, I want to say cube, rectangle, square, whatever. So that’s like one inch by one inch cube that essentially it’s really easy to cut in quarters or halves or if you’re feeling crazy, you can just bite into it.

And if you’ve seen other videos, that’s what myself and Shayda do because we’re pretty comfortable with it right now. But you can kind of it’s very easy to as in like I said it’s very cost effective. You can buy these higher milligrams and cut them in quarters and save a little bit of money along the way, which is always a bonus. Am I right so Texas tangy, our OG flavor. If you’ve tried these, let me know they’re linked down in the comments. I’d love to hear your feedback. The second flavor we ever introduced was a mango tajin. Now we live in Texas mango tajin if you don’t know what I mean essentially it’s like a citric acid in Chile salts that a lot of hispanic cultures put on mango pineapple different fruits and just gives you like a little like a sour like bite to it. And it’s really really popular so this mango to Kane flavor is slightly sweet, slightly sour and kind of gives you like like like puckering the lips like honestly think about my mouth is watering right now that they’re very unique. They’re very fun. They’re not spicy, but they have a kick to them. So if you’d like a little bit of something, something if you’d like a little bit of spice, a little bit of a kick, you will really need to try these mega tahini ones.

Again, it’s the same formula is the same dosage. It’s the same pectin base, same sure content, it just is a different formulation. And again, they come in these handy dandy little packs that are a single dose. So if you are a Texas tangy lover, you don’t want to veer off and commit to a 10 count or 30 count. The single packs are where it’s at the third flavor we introduced we actually do not have it here. It’s an apple spice flavor. We do do seasonal flavors and so that one will be coming back in the fall slash winter time. So stay tuned. It is a nice like spiced apple gummy and it sounds kind of funky, but don’t knock until you try it.

Stay tuned for winter, make sure you’re subscribed to our email list. And also staying was subscribed to our Instagram because that’s where we will share when we’re bringing back our fourth flavor that that we ever introduced was a kiwi labor and this one was for springtime. So we have Kiwi again in that 10 pack and in our single count as well as in six packs, but the sour kiwi is just slightly sour. I just feel like kiwi can be such a sweet fruit.

So when we were doing our r&d, our recipe development or flavor testing, we really wanted a little bit more sour pucker to it but it’s not like it’s a warhead or Sour Patch Kim, it’s just slightly sour to bring out the flavors and they’re green. They’re fun, and don’t knock it till you try it again. It’s probably they’re all like really good it just honestly depends on my mood. The final gummy flavor that we’ve introduced during the 20 milligrams because our fifth flavor that we’ve ever introduced is a Sour Watermelon that much like the sour Kiwi it’s only slightly sour so it’s not going to make you totally go into like pucker Face mode.

But again it just helps bring out the flavor it gives a little bit something besides just like a soft, sweet, super sweet gummy that you’re just chewing on. And the texture of all of these I have tried tons of different edibles from different companies. There’s maybe one dispensary that offers an edible that I actually enjoy the texture wise the feeling wise, it says what it says is going to do but other gummies they either melt together they get super gloppy the texture just all off it’s either too gummy gets stuck in your teeth or too crystally it gets like breaks in your mouth.

I truly think of these edibles. We worked really hard on the formula For hands down, one of my favorite things, and I used to not be a gummy person, I really didn’t used to be but these have completely changed my opinion on them. So again, we offer all these in single counts if you’re newer to restart and just don’t want to dive into the realm of buying 1030 counts, large packs of these, we’ve all of them offered in our single accounts here, along with so many other cannabinoids strengths, CBD ratio products, Delta, eight CBG, chocolate squares caramels, everything really comes in a single account or in a larger pack, because I get it. I understand if you really like something and you’re scared to try something new, because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s what the singles come in. Or if you’re just new to us, welcome. Hey, I hope you enjoy this. So that is all on a 20 milligram edibles.

Again, things to keep in mind, start low, go slow anytime with edibles to make sure you’re eating with your cannabis consumption because that helps enhance the effect and also makes a little bit quicker. So rather than waiting hours and hours and hours on end, for an empty stomach, make sure to eat something with cannabis and number three, there’s tons of flavors to choose from. So if you’re not really into omega he, if you’re more of a kiwi fan, there are definitely options for you and for your unique flavor profile and preference.

And finally, again, you can get all of these gummies they’re all vegan formula, and they’re great to ship they’re all really high quality Delta nine THC extractions as well we make sure there’s no impurities, we make sure there’s no heavy metals, no pesticides, and you’re getting the true THC benefits. You can find all of these products in the link down below and please make sure to subscribe the channel if you found this video very helpful. If you currently are a research fanatic and you’ve tried these flavors before, let us know in the comments.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram. And as always, we will see you in the next video.


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