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Exploring Cities RESTART Delivers To: 5 Things to do in East Austin, TX

With RESTART delivery now live, we wanted to highlight some of the amazing cities we now serve next-day delivery to — Next up is East Austin, TX! East Austin has emerged as one of the most dynamic and rapidly evolving neighborhoods in the city, renowned for its rich history, vibrant arts scene, and eclectic mix of dining and entertainment options. Once a predominantly residential area, East Austin has transformed into a bustling hub of creativity and culture, making it a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike. From exploring contemporary art galleries to indulging in some of the best culinary experiences in Austin, there’s no shortage of activities to enjoy. In this blog post, we’ll delve into some of the most fun and engaging things to do in East Austin, ensuring your visit is both memorable and full of discovery.

#1 Discover the Local Art Scene

East Austin is home to an array of art galleries and studios, showcasing the work of local and international artists. Spaces like the Canopy complex offer a creative community environment where visitors can explore galleries, artist studios, and creative workspaces. The East Austin Studio Tour, held annually, is a highlight, allowing the public to meet local artists, view their work, and gain insight into their creative processes.

#2 Savor the Flavors of East Austin’s Food Scene

The culinary landscape in East Austin is diverse and innovative, with an emphasis on farm-to-table dining, food trucks, and international cuisine. La Barbecue serves up some of the city’s best brisket, while Via 313 offers authentic Detroit-style pizza. For a unique dining experience, check out Suerte, known for its corn-focused dishes that pay homage to Mexican culinary traditions. The area is also dotted with coffee shops and bars, each with its own unique character.

#3 Enjoy Live Music and Entertainment

East Austin’s nightlife is vibrant and eclectic, with numerous venues hosting live music, DJ sets, and performance art. The Historic Scoot Inn, one of the oldest bars in Austin, is a favorite for its live music and laid-back atmosphere. Meanwhile, the Sahara Lounge offers a diverse lineup of music, from African rhythms to indie bands, in a cozy, eclectic setting.

#4 Explore Outdoor Activities and Green Spaces

Despite its urban environment, East Austin offers several green spaces for outdoor activities and relaxation. The Southern Walnut Creek Bike Trail provides a scenic route for cyclists and runners, winding through woodlands and meadows. Meanwhile, Mueller Lake Park is perfect for picnicking, paddleboarding, and enjoying the outdoors in a beautifully landscaped setting.

#5 Experience the Thriving Brewery Scene

East Austin has become a hotspot for craft beer enthusiasts, with several breweries offering tours, tastings, and taprooms. Lazarus Brewing Co. is known for its artisanal beers and cozy atmosphere, while Hops and Grain Brewing focuses on sustainability and innovative beer styles. These breweries often host events and live music, adding to the lively community vibe.

East Austin offers a fascinating blend of history, culture, and modern urban living, making it a captivating area to explore. Whether you’re an art aficionado, a foodie, or an outdoor enthusiast, East Austin provides a diverse array of activities and experiences. Grab some RESTART goodies and embrace the neighborhood’s unique charm and discover why East Austin is considered one of the city’s most intriguing destinations.

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