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Fly High this 4th of July With These Cannabis Products


We’re seeing more and more people celebrate with cannabis these days and have rounded up a few of our favorites for every type of cannabis consumer. You don’t need to necessarily fly high this 4th of July with these cannabis products (because some of them are more for chilling out with CBD) but, hopefully we got you here by the title.

A little history on Hemp and this American Holiday: On July 4th, 242 years ago, our founding Fathers declared Americas independence as a sovereign nation. Hemp cultivation began in Jamestown, Virginia in 1616 and its fiber was used to make clothing, sails, and rope. Back then, the hemp plant was a regularly grown and utilized crop (much like cotton and wheat today). In 1937, the United States banned hemp production with the passing of the Marihuana Tax Act. Finally, in 2018, the United States passed the Federal Hemp Farm Bill which allowed for the cultivation of Hemp but with regulation.

Now, you can enjoy hemp derived products across all 50 states (to varying degrees depending on local legislation) and we’re slowly growing closer to federal legalization of Marijuana with each passing year.

To celebrate this July 4th much like we’d imagine our forefathers would have, we’ll be consuming all of our favorite cannabis products and encourage you to do the same.

CBD for pets

With over 14,000 different firework displays taking place across the U.S. it’s important to consider how your beloved furry family members will feel. CBD has been useful to help ease the anxiousness many pets feel with loud noises, separation, small places, and more.

If You’re Fixin’ to “turn up”

Maybe you’re a fan of a little (or a lot) of THC and want to opt out of the hangover that comes with most social settings now a days. Well, we’ve got the perfect THC friendly edibles just for you that don’t just scream summer but actually work how they say they will. Keep them for yourself or share with your favorite canna-besties for the most chill July 4th weekend.

If You’re Heading To A Party

Forget showing up to your July 4th party with a side of potato salad or hot dog buns, a big bag of cannabis edibles is easily one of the easiest ways to please a crowd. They’re sweet, tasty, and will make all the pot luck food taste that much better! Even when it’s been sitting in the sun for hours… You can choose from THC and CBD options depending on the type of party you’re heading to or snag one of both!

Are you ready to party?

You don’t have to fly high this 4th of July with these cannabis products but if you do, please remember to consume responsibly! Share this post with your friends and family to teach them a bit about hemp history while also hinting that you’re a fan of all things cannabis celebrations. 

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