Firecrackers are probably one of the easiest cannabis edible recipes; EVER, and with a total of 4 ingredients, you can make these super delicious treats that will send you over the moon!

Edibles are an excellent way to take those first steps into consuming cannabis. It might be the familiarity of eating sweets or the fact that they are pre-dosed, making them super appealing to canna-new-beez. However, with the bioavailability being at 80% with edible consumption, you still loose about 20% of what you consume during digestion. With that said; you’ll need to take extra steps to ensure you are getting all of the medicinal and recreational benefits from your favorite plant.

Let’s get into the nit + grit of making these super tasty snacks!

Things You Should Know About Making Edibles:

With these party snacks, you can get super creative! Some like to do it the old-school way of adding peanut butter to a cracker, or you can get fancy and make it your dessert at the end of the night. Again these are probably the simplest of edibles to make in the comfort of your own home, so if you can make them your own, do it! Something to keep in mind is THC is fat-soluble, so the higher the fat content will help enhance your experience. Another crucial step is the decarboxylation process. 

What is Decarboxylation? How? Why?

When making homemade edibles, something to keep in mind is the decarboxylation process, also known as “decarbing your flower.”

What is Decarboxylation? (pronounced de-carb-OX-yl-a-tion), is a process that activates the psychoactive compounds in the cannabis plant so that you feel high when you consume it. [1]

This process will convert the cannabinoids from their raw states (CBDA, THCA, CBNA, CBGA) to (CBD, THC, CBN, CBG). When heated at a high amount, the raw cannabinoids will be activated. By activating these cannabinoids, you’ll get the full effects of the flower strain and the terpenes attached.
When consuming non-decarboxylated cannabinoids, you can get minimal medicinal results from the plant without the psychotropic experience, but In all transparency; when we make edibles, we do it with a purpose. We want to feel the full effects of our edibles, and with having experience with super potent gummies from legal states, we know what we want out of the experiences; and consumers, we want to take these extra steps to make sure we are getting the full effects of our favorite plant.

Step 1: Preparing Your Bud for the Decarboxylation Process 

Time to Start Cookin!

Now let’s get into the fun part of building your new favorite snacks. Again, this recipe can be done in many ways, and we will jump into the formula that has worked for us.

Utensils and tools:


How To Assemble:

Step 1: Preparing Your Spread

Step 2: Building Your Firecrackers

Step3: Baking Prep

Step 4: Preheat and Bake