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If I smoke marijuana, don’t I already get CBD?

Many people who enjoy recreationally pot, reap the benefits of consuming cannabis.

But up until a few years ago, I really had no idea what other compounds were in it. I didn’t know what they were doing or why I would care about how they would make you feel. That was until, I was in a car accident 3 years ago. It’s explained in more detail on OUR STORY PAGE, but the cliff notes version goes something like this:

Shayda’s Story.

I broke my pelvis in two places, went through 8 months of physical therapy where I regained strength and mobility, but still endured chronic pain from the impact. After visiting with my doctor, I was told I only had three options.

  1. Have surgery, which we knew would potentially not fix the pain and could in fact cause more pain.
  2. Go in and get steroid injections whenever the pain would flare up.
  3. Or, live with the pain and manage it with pain medication and other remedies.  Unfortunately, medical marijuana is not an option in Texas.

At First, I Was A Non-Believer. 

My mom, being my mom, knew I dabbled in cannabis when I would be visiting my cousins in Colorado or my family in Oregon.  And while she was doing research on herbal medicine she came across CBD.  She began telling me that there was this powerful cannabinoid called CBD that when isolated and taken on it’s own had pretty amazing healing properties.

At first I was a nonbeliever.

I expressed how I wasn’t getting pain relief when consuming cannibus and that I didn’t need to take CBD because it probably wouldn’t be effective either. Like alot of people, I didn’t realize that there were actually two versions of this product on the market.  One is created from hemp, while the other marijuana.  Begrudgingly I started taking it.  Honestly I was desperate to not be in pain anymore and wanted to appease my mother.

Relief — Within 3 Weeks. 

Within 3 weeks of self medicating with CBD oil, vape, and salve I had felt consistent relief as if the bones had never broken. I was instantly sold, I began incorporating it into my routine and to this day I still have a CBD routine.


It’s important to understand that CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoids found naturally in the cannabis plant.



CBD stands for Cannabidiol, x unlike it’s sister compound THC, it’s non-psychoactive.

Meaning you’re not going to get the high associated with smoking marijuana. But remember, CBD is in marijuana. It’s just a different percentage from strain to strain.  One might be better than the other for different uses.

CBD at it’s core is a receptor that helps with immune system functions and pain management, so naturally taken on it’s own, it binds to the endocannabinoid system to provide that relief

For the past few years, there have been countless reports released about the medicinal power of this “marijuana” component.  CBD started gaining traction once people began to see how it could reduce seizure frequency in epileptic children without getting them high.

It is the distinction between CBD derived from marijuana and CBD derived from hemp that sets them apart.

Marijuana is generally harvested for it’s psychoactive properties known to produce a “high.”  When it comes to hemp, the target of this crop is CBD.  Hemp plants do not contain enough THC to get anyone high.  In fact, for cannabis to be considered hemp, it must have no more than 0.3 percent THC.

CBD oils are usually low in THC, however the difference in the amount of CBD these products contain is huge.

Full spectrum CBD oil derived from the entire plant will have significant amounts of CBD, but most do not list the CBD concentration (unless they provide their lab tests).

When CBD is isolated down to Pure CBD that’s where you get the highest concentrations of CBD, like 99%+.  RESTART CBD uses PURE CBD isolate with a 99%+ CBD concentration.  You will know exactly how much CBD you are actually consuming, which helps to determine what amount works for you.

It is the higher concentration that makes CBD beneficial in the treatment of various health disorders.  And while some CBD oil contains THC, RESTART CBD contains no THC because we use CBD isolate vs Full Spectrum CBD oil. I personally believe it comes down to preference. And there are alot of people who don’t want to consume THC even if it’s trace amounts.  Note that full spectrum companies promote an “entourage” effect saying the other cannabinoids make the CBD properties more powerful.  That might be true for some people, but NOT TRUE FOR OTHERS.

With CBD isolate you’re getting pure CBD, and with RESTART CBD it’s even more pure because our hemp is organically grown and we use only organic ingredients. If CBD is supposed to help with pain and inflammation and all these other things, I want as much of that as possible.  I don’t need it diluted down with other cannabinoids or THC.  Again it’s preference.  And what works for me, might not work for you.

When I want to feel less anxious and to get a good nights rest, I like using pure CBD.  And being that I’m trying to be mindful of the food that I put in my body, pure CBD doesn’t give me the “munchies.”

Depending on what you’re goal is, the amount and frequency of consuming either CBD or THC will change and I always encourage everyone to use responsibly but to also see what balance allows you to find the most relief.


Because at the end of the day, aren’t we all just trying to feel a little better?____________

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