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Luck Summit: Planting The Seed 2021


Our Co-Founder and CEO Shayda Torabi moderated three panels for Willie Nelson’s Luck Summit 2021.

Hemp’s 50,000 Uses: Who Knew You Could do THAT with Hemp? 

Hemp was first introduced in North America in 1606, and grown by American farmers for paper, fuels, feed, and ropes. In the 1700s, farmers were even legally required to grow hemp as a staple crop. Due to its similarities to marijuana, hemp became a schedule 1 drug in 1970 as the “War on Drugs” progressed. Now that hemp is legal again, the industry is opening up and innovation is driving new uses suitable for commercial and industrial use. In this panel discussion, we’ll talk to some of the leaders in Texas Hemp to learn about this versatile plant and its many applications.

Indica? Sativa? Terpenes? How to navigate to the cannabis effects you seek 

Our expert panel will introduce you to the world of terpenes, broadening your cannabis knowledge to include how different combinations of terpenes can work for you and your body. Think of them as accelerators to the cannabinoids themselves. Learning about how the same elements that create the signature aromas of your favorite strains can also help you fine-tune your cannabis journey.

What’s a cannabinoid and will it get me high? Cannabinoids 101

In this discussion we’ll dive into what a cannabinoid (there are over 160 of them!) is and how they can work in your body. From Delta 9 THC and CBD to more recently isolated cannabinoids like Delta 8 THC and CBG, we’ll explore how and what to consume to help guide you towards a more personalized consumption experience with this plant.

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