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RESTART CBD field day at Texas Hemp Processors Industrial Hemp Farm


As a Texas-based cannabis brand, we love seeing all the amazing opportunities that are blooming in our state’s hemp program. There is so much to learn and explore about the hemp plant that you probably didn’t know that yes there is a whole cannabinoid market, which is the foundation of the products we make and sell here at RESTART, but the other side is referred to as industrial hemp and while there are a lot of similarities, primarily it being the same plant family, the different genetics lend to different applications of the industrial hemp. Enjoy this RESTART field day with us below!

We got connected to Texas Hemp Processors, through some mutual relationships and heard they had planted over 30 acres of industrial hemp in Central Texas. Being the curious bunch that we are, we opted to make it a team field trip, and took our group to the farm to connect with their team and their field for a hot and hempy Texas field day!

The Texas Hemp Processors group is focused on turning that industrial hemp into hemp fiber, hempcrete, and hemp grain. And you might not know some of these stats about hemp, but it is a very hearty plant that has a lot of applications beyond just “CBD and THC”.

For example, did you know:

Hemp cultivation dates back 8,000 years to Mesopotamia  (modern-day Iran/Iraq/Turkey),  where it was woven into fabric. It is believed to be the first domestically-utilized plant.

By weight, hemp seeds contain as much protein as beef.  Plus, it contains all 21 known amino acids, including the essentials that the human body can’t produce on its own. 

Hemp can be grown in nearly any climate and in varied types of soil. Hemp also helps purify the soil. It even kills certain kinds of weeds. 

Hemp has the strongest and longest plant fiber in existence. It is resistant to abrasion and rot and has been used for military uniforms, baggage, parachute webbing, ship rigging, and more.

Hemp is a high-yield crop.  One acre of hemp produces four times more paper-producing fiber pulp than one acre of trees.

Hemp can be made into a type of plant-powered concrete. Hemp is mixed with limestone and water to form “hempcrete” building material. It is around 1/9th the weight of standard concrete and acts as a vermin repellent and insulator. 

Hemp has a very short harvest cycle.  It can be planted and harvested in 120 days.

With all those facts in mind, it’s pretty amazing to see this industry emerge in Texas but the realities are we need more infrastructure to help process the hemp and turn it into these amazing resources and we need more people growing industrial hemp period.

Have you ever considered growing hemp? Thanks to the 2018 federal Farm Bill and the 2019 Texas Legislative session, hemp has been legalized for cultivation and licenses start at just $100 in Texas. You can learn more about the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Hemp program here.

Thank you again to Texas Hemp Processors for the beautiful day exploring your field, now enjoy some photos and take a look at how tall and thick these plants were!

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