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RESTART CBD Strength Guide

All CBD related products from any certified seller should have a CBD rating, which lists the CBD strength for each bottle in terms of milligrams (mg). The higher the milligrams of CBD the higher the price of the product despite it’s container, bottle or tub size.

RESTART CBD offers 10ml, 30ml and 60ml bottles of RESTART CBD in 20mg per 1mL, 30mg per 1mL  and 40mg per 1 mL dropper strengths.

RESTART CBD Strength Chart

MG is short for Milligrams, CBD is measured in total weight not per ml.
ML is short for Milliliter, a milliliter is used measure total liquid within the container.

NOTE: MG divided by ML = the amount of CBD per 1 ml dropper.  The higher the number of CBD MG per ML, the more potent the dosage.

RESTART CBD Strengths and Concentrations

Dosage quantity is measured by how many milligrams of CBD oil is drawn up in the dropper with a complete squeeze of the top bulb.  When the bulb is fully squeezed, the dropper in 10 or 30 ml bottles is designed to draw 1 milliliter of oil into the dropper. RESTART CBD prefers to include a calibrated dropper for a precise measurement for each serving in our 30ml and 60ml bottles.
For example, our 10ml bottle of RESTART REPLENISH with 200mg of CBD will offer the same strength per dose as our 30ml bottle of RESTART REPLENISH with 600mg of CBD. These two items have identically the same CBD strength concentration, however, the 30ml bottle provides 3 times more of it than the 10ml bottle, effectively like buying 3 bottles of the 200mg 10ml bottle.
The quantity of CBD in each dropper depends on the amount of CBD per bottle and the size of the bottle.

Choose your CBD oil strength:

RESTART REPLENISH CBD Oil  •  Overall Wellness  •  20mg CBD per 1mL

RESTART REPLENISH offers a low strength dose of CBD for overall wellness.  Each milliliter delivers 20mg of CBD.  (1 dropper = 1ml)

20mg CBD Dropper Chart:

  • 1/4 dropper is 5mg
  • 1/2 dropper is 10mg
  • 3/4 dropper is 15mg
  • 1 dropper (1ml) is 20mg


RESTART RECOVER CBD Oil  •  Post Workout  • 30mg CBD per 1mL

RESTART RECOVER offers a mild strength dose of CBD after a workout for muscle recovery or for stress release.  Each milliliter delivers 30mg of CBD.  (1 dropper = 1ml)

30mg CBD Dropper Chart

  • 1/4 dropper is about 7.5mg CBD
  • 1/2 dropper is about 15mg CBD
  • 3/4 dropper is about 22.5mg CBD
  • 1 full dropper is about 30mg of CBD


RESTART RELAX CBD OIL  •  Mind & Body  •  40mg CBD per 1mL

RESTART RELAX offers a medium dose of CBD to help relax mind & body in the evening. Each milliliter delivers 40mg of CBD. (1 dropper = 1ml)

40mg CBD Dropper Chart

  • 1/4 dropper is about 10mg CBD
  • 1/2 dropper is about 20mg CBD
  • 3/4 dropper is about 30mg CBD
  • 1 full dropper is about 40mg of CBD

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