What is CBDV? (Cannabidivarin)

What is CBDV? (Cannabidivarin)

CBDV stands for Cannabidivarin.

Cannabidivarin is a naturally occurring cannabinoid.  Scientists state that CBDV is usually found in strains that are lower in THCΔ9– tetrahydrocannabinol content, higher in CBD– cannabidiol content, and usually in Indica dominant strains. 

What is CBDV?

Cannabidivarin has been researched to aid people who suffer from epilepsy. Interestingly enough, CBD and CBDV isolate both work as anticonvulsants, which means they do not bind with the CB1 or CB2 receptors. However, these cannabinoids work with our TRPV1 and TRPV2 receptors. TRPV1 plays a major role in mediating epilepsy in the hippocampus. CBDV desensitizes the T receptors which reduces epileptic activity in the brain which causes a reduction in seizures.

Will CBD-V get you high?: 

No, CBDV is considered non-psychoactive since it does not create any euphoric effects similar to CBD or any forms of THC.

The potential benefits of CBDV include:

As stated above, cannabidivarin is a medicinal cannabinoid since it does not have psychoactive effects and binds with receptors that can aid in reducing seizures. It also seems that CBDV can provide relief for Crohn’s disease, HIV/AIDS, and sclerosis (disease of brain and spinal cord).

other potential benefits:

  • May reduces the frequency and severity of seizures
  • May help with nausea
  • May reduce inflammation
  • Potential pain soother

Will CBD-V make me fail a drug test?

We are not legally able to make any recommendations or guarantees regarding drug tests on THC-free products and cannot make any claims on whether or not any of our products will show up on a drug test. 

However, our CBD Isolate products have zero THC.  If this is a concern, we would recommend doing some further research before making the decision to consume any CBD products.

 There is still very little research on Cannabidivarin and how it works with the body, however, research is being conducted and more evidence is being brought out. Depending on what’s holding you back from using THC products, if it is a job or even medical reasons; you should know the difference between testing methods. 

The United States government defines hemp as any member of the cannabis species that contains less than 0.3% THC. It defines marijuana as any member of the cannabis species with greater than 0.3% THC [3]

There is a pharmaceutical drug similar to epidiolex that’s made by the same manufacturers, that is high in CBD-V that will be used to reduce epileptic episodes.

Where can I buy CBDV?

With cannabis still being researched, we always advise you to do your own research before buying a cannabinoid you’ve never consumed before. Many retailers carry CBD-V products like gummies and tinctures, however, most are ratioed with another cannabinoid. Since CBDV is found in select strains that have high percentages of CBD it can be difficult to come across CBDV.

There are a few companies that sell a pure CBD-V product however it looks pretty rare. [2] Interestingly enough, we carry one of the two strains on the market that is high in CBDV and Edibles ratioed with THCV:CBDV:CBD


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