Who is Jack Herer?


Hello and welcome back to the RESTART CBD channel. My name is Shayda and today we’re introducing you to a gentleman named Jack harir. That name might sound familiar for some of you and a forum for others, so let’s get to know him a little bit better together we carry some jack Herrera named products in a store here at resort cbd.com and had a customer recently asked us who exactly is jack so we thought this would be a great opportunity to educate and shed a light on the history of this man. As it relates to cannabis advocacy. Jack Herrera is remembered as an American Cannabis advocate, and some even refer to him as the godfather of modern cannabis. He got his start as an early glass pipe entrepreneur opening his first Headshop in 1973, which is what inspired him to begin documenting everything he could about the cannabis plant. His observations would later bloom into a world famous book called The Emperor wears no clothes, which by the way as of 2020, it wasn’t its 14th edition after having been continuously in print for 35 years that led to him founding and serving as the Director of the organization help end marijuana prohibition, also known as hemp, and he spent the later part of his life as an activist where he advocated for the decriminalization of the cannabis plant, and argued that it could be used as a renewable source of fuel, medicine, food, fiber and paper able to be grown in virtually any part of the world. Herrera even ran for President of the United States twice in 1988. And in 1992. He unfortunately didn’t win but he was a part of the grassroots party as a candidate and now a Sativa dominant hybrid strain has been named after Jack career in honor of his advocacy work and fun fact the Jack Herer strain was originally created by Dutch owned Sensi Seeds over 20 years ago. Another place you might recognize His name is from the jack career Cup, which is a cannabis competition created by our foreman which is held in Amsterdam, Colombia, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City and Thailand each year to honor the worldwide cannabis legalization movement that Jack Herrera helped start while Herrera passed in 2010. His impact still lives on whether you enjoy consuming Jack career strain products or you’re just looking to better understand the individual who has helped pave the way for cannabis culture and adoption. We hope this video informed you and piqued your curiosity, so be sure to hit subscribe if you are new here so you don’t miss out when we drop new videos. Be sure to turn on your alerts so you’ll be notified and drop any comments or questions below. We look forward to continuing to grow our cannon curiosity together. Thanks for watching again and bye for now.

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