CBD Isolate Study Overcomes Clinical Limitations

CBD Isolate Study Overcomes Clinical Limitations. Study Finds CBD Isolates Overcome Clinical Efficacy Limitations of CBD Oil Extracts. Cannabidiol (CBD) isolates are suddenly getting a lot of attention in the scientific and medical communities and rave reviews by patients. By now, most people are familiar with CBD extracts, which typically come in the form of an oral concentrate taken under the tongue.Most CBD extracts on the market today contain up to 113 different cannabinoids plus other plant materials such as oils and other phytonutrients, known as ‘full-spectrum’ […]

Why CBD Isolate? Why Not?

CBD is responsible for a large portion of the therapeutic qualities of the cannabis plant, but without psychotropic effects.  Those who are solely interested in the medicinal value of cannabis, may find CBD isolate to be an extremely appealing form of the product.  It’s not necessary to use THC with CBD for it’s effectiveness, which is why pharmaceuticals are isolating it. If you’re looking for a CBD rich product, with no THC, it make sense to consume RESTART CBD, a product that is only CBD.