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Why CBD Isolate?
Why Not?

CBD is responsible for a large portion of the therapeutic qualities of the cannabis plant, but without psychotropic effects.

Those who are solely interested in the medicinal value of cannabis, may find CBD isolate to be an extremely appealing form of the product.  It’s not necessary to use THC with CBD for it’s effectiveness, which is why pharmaceuticals are isolating it. If you’re looking for a CBD rich product, with no THC, choose a CBD Isolate or broad spectrum with no THC.



Whether you are already a CBD enthusiast, or are simply curious about the potential benefits, you have undoubtedly noticed a diverse selection of CBD products available. CBD can be taken orally as a tincture, in a capsule, applied topically, vaped, and enjoyed in a variety of sweet treats.

CBD products are fairly new and quite exciting. That’s because cannabidiol (CBD) works directly with your endocannabinoid system (the messengers and receptors in your brain) that keep your system in balance. CBD is not a medical treatment but is quickly growing in popularity as a beneficial dietary supplement.

You may have noticed that some products specify the inclusion of full-spectrum CBD extracts, while other products contain CBD isolate. You don’t need to worry. Both full-spectrum and CBD isolates are beneficial.

RESTART CBD uses only CBD isolate in our Signature Products (Pure 20mg/Replenish, Pure 40mg/Recover, Pure 60mg/Relax, Pure 100/Repair)  assuring that the products are THC Free.



In it’s isolate form, CBD is separated from all other cannabis compounds found in the original hemp plant. You could say that CBD isolate is purified CBD, everything else has been removed, leaving only the positive effects of the cannabidiol. While CBD isolate does not provide the full complexity of the hemp plant, there are several advantages to choosing a product made with CBD isolate. Some of those advantages include:

  • All trace amounts of THC have been removed.
  • More precise control over the amount of CBD in the final product.
  • No taste or odor to interfere with the formulation of CBD products.
  • Typically used in edibles and topical treatments for these reasons.

While some prefer knowing that they are getting the full-spectrum value of their CBD oil, there are many situations where a CBD isolate would be preferred over a full-spectrum product. Whether you choose a full-spectrum product, or an isolate is up to you and should be based on your specific reasons for pursuing the benefits of CBD.

After making your selection, you should know that it may take a bit of time before you find your best CBD dose. Everyone responds to CBD differently, and serving is based upon your desired effect rather than your weight. The suggested serving range of CBD for dietary supplementation is as broad as 5 – 100 mg of CBD per day. It is best to start with a lower daily dose and add more CBD each week until you achieve the effect you are looking for.

Note that CBD products can interact with some medications.  Consult with your doctor before taking CBD with other medications.

CBD is not a drug or a medical treatment, it is a dietary supplement, however FDA has approved a new prescription drug, EPIDIOLEX, the first cannabis-derived pharmaceutical to gain federal APPROVAL IN THE U.S.

EPIDIOLEX (Pharmaceutical)

EPIDIOLEX contains CBD isolate which is also found in a number of nutraceutical hemp products. Up until 2018, all forms of CBD (with exception to Farm Bill Compliant hemp derived CBD) have been classified as a Schedule I drug. Although we can’t be certain how the FDA’s approval will affect the cannabis industry, we can offer our thoughts. So, let’s look at the facts.

CBD isolate (the active ingredient in EPIDIOLEX) is a refined version of full spectrum hemp oil containing only pure CBD.

Based on years of research, EPIDIOLEX has proven benefits in treating two rare forms of epilepsy.
  • Active ingredient: Cannabidiol
  • Inactive ingredients: dehydrated alcohol, sesame seed oilstrawberry flavor, and sucralose Epidiolex does not contain gluten (wheatbarley or rye).
  • Cost for the uninsuredABOUT $32,500 PER YEAR, or just over $2,700 per month, depending upon the weight of the patient and the dosing. That’s in line with other prescription drugs used to treat the same afflictions.
  • Cost for USA Insured patients: Up to $200 per month under a recent pricing announcement from the maker, GW.



  • EPIDIOLEX is to be administered orally.
  • The recommended starting dosage is 2.5 mg/kg taken twice daily(5 mg/kg/day). After one week, the dosage can be increased to a maintenance dosage of 5 mg/kg twice daily (10 mg/kg/day).
  • EPIDIOLEX can be increased up to a maximum recommended maintenance dosage of 12.5 mg/kg twice daily (25 mg/kg/day).
  • Dosage adjustment is recommended for patients with moderate or severe hepatic impairment.
  • Dosage Strengths: Oral solution: 100mg/ml
  • More Info on Epidiolex.


Although RESTART CBD has not been granted federal approval like EPIDIOLEX, RESTART CBD is a pure, CBD isolate product. Unlike EPIDIOLEX made from marijuana CBD, RESTART CBD is made with hemp CBD. 



No prescription is necessary to purchase CBD derived from industrial hemp.  At least not at this time.  CBD is an incredible compound worthy of the medical field’s and government’s respect.  While it may be beneficially isolated from the rest of the cannabis compounds, you may also find it beneficial to work in tandem with THC and other cannabinoids.

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