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What is THCA Flower?


Hello and welcome back to the RESTART CBD channel. My name is Shayda and today we’re discussing what is THC A flower the idea of THC flower is becoming more and more popular of a topic so we wanted to put together some information to bring you up to speed and educate you on this seemingly new cannabinoids. So to start, let’s first look at Delta nine THC, which is of course the most widely known cannabinoid and do its psychoactive properties. But I bet you didn’t know that delta nine THC wouldn’t exist without THC A THC A stands for tetrahydrocannabinolic acid and it is the precursor to THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol. When cannabis is growing, no matter if it’s hemp or marijuana, it makes cannabinoids as carboxylic acids that most often convert into non acidic compounds through a process called decarboxylation. If you’ve tuned into some of our videos reviewing decarboxylation devices, like the Leivo or the ardent then you might be most familiar with the process of decarbing flour to prepare or activate it for making edibles. What you might not realize is that almost all cannabinoids start off in their acidic form which have differing structures and effects compared to that of their non acidic versions. It’s why you have to use heat predominantly to decarboxylated whether you’re baking extracting or inhaling to feel any psychoactive effects of cannabis, in fact, have you ever tried eating the raw flour unactivated I personally wouldn’t recommend it as there’s not much if any high to it at all. But the point I’m trying to make is cannabinoids are in acid forms and it is through the process of decarboxylation aka heat that they transform from their acid versions to their activated versions. So getting back to THC A flower which like I said, I’ve seen pop up a lot more recently in forums and discussions and because Texas doesn’t have fully legal marijuana it’s a question and concern from our customers. So we want to help you make sense of it too. We have some great videos recounting Texas hemp and marijuana laws but the quick gist is again marijuana is not legal in Texas making accessing marijuana flower illegal as of the time of recording this and customers have been asking us if we’re going to be selling THC flour and the answer is no which is why we wanted to put together this resource for you to reference as to why purchasing THC hemp flower is illegal and if you purchase you are doing so at your own risk technically all marijuana flower high end Delta nine THC starts off as THC A which through combustion for example like smoking a joint that process heats the THC A up which is what converts it to THC. Unfortunately some people might tell you it’s illegal due to have the state count total THC or not. But it is such a gray area we recommend it is not worth it to gamble and the off chance law enforcement gets a hold of it you could be prosecuted for possession now if you look into the USDA is explanation in the final hemp rules they require the hemp plant be less than point 3% In total THC which further definition includes THCA so yes while there are people selling high THC A illegal hemp you should understand that they’re probably accounting for Delta nine THC and not total THC and for those wondering Texas is rules actually clarify that the testing which is required for us to do as operators has to be done after decarboxylation taking into account the total THC of both THC A and THC so again, if anyone is advertising to you that they sell THC A flower tried it with caution there’s a high probability it’s just marijuana repackaged with a fancy marketing label and Sorry to burst your bubble but we always want you to be empowered with the truth and hope this was informative in helping you better understand the acid forms of cannabinoids that become activated through decarboxylation and become more mindful about this thing called THC A flower so if you enjoy this video, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss future content drops. Give it a thumbs up leave a comment below and forward this to a friend so they can be in the know to thanks again for tuning into another video and see you on the next one. Bye y’all

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