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CBD Hemp Flower

•  CBD Hemp Flower • 

As far as CBD hemp flower goes, the buds smell amazing and contain a average of 14%-23% CBD per gram with a ton of other plant materials and terpenes.  Hemp is packed with essential nutrients including protein, fatty acids, minerals, aromatic molecules, terpenes, CBD, and other cannabinoids which offer a variety of benefits.

What does CBD hemp flower do?

The many purported benefits of CBD are also found in CBD hemp flower. It has also been known to induce a sense of full body cool, making for a chill experience without the intense effects associated with its sister plant.  This last makes CBD hemp flower ideal for those who are sensitive to the “high” of cannabis. One can enjoy hours of relaxation without  the acute paranoia or undesirable side effects which commonly occurs with sativa strains.

This is due in large part to the fact that THC and CBD act in disparate ways, targeting different receptors in both mind and body. If smoking weed can send you into a panic or result in heart palpitations, CBD hemp flower typically gives the user a sense of well-being.

Unlike THC, CBD is far less likely to make one on edge or sleepy. It is rare to find a user reporting any kind of freak out while under the influence of hemp flower.

What Makes CBD Hemp Flower Better than Other CBD Products?

Although there is a large variety of CBD-based products on the market, there is plenty of reason to believe that CBD hemp flower is the right way to go. When you are looking for a “full spectrum” product and don’t mind a little THC,  scientific evidence seems to support the notion that CBD works most effectively in concert with hemp’s other components, specifically residual THC.

Full spectrum CBD allows the plant’s terpenes and cannabinoids to work in tandem. These various compounds enable the CBD molecule to reach endocannainoid receptors.  However, for those who do not want ANY THC in their bodies, for whatever reason, CBD Hemp Flower and/or Full Spectrum products would not be the way to consume CBD, but finding a pure CBD Isolate or a broad spectrum with NO THC.

That being said, regarding drug testing, we cannot make any claims on whether or not any of our products will show up on a drug test. Pure  CBD isolate products have NO THC. Full spectrum products, including CBD Hemp Flower contain less than 0.3%. We are not legally able to make any recommendations or guarantees regarding drug tests on THC free or Full Spectrum products. If that is a concern, we would recommend not consuming any CBD products and/or doing some further research at, before making the decision to consume any CBD.

Can You Smoke CBD Hemp Flower?

Absolutely, Yes!

Smoking CBD hemp flower is the fastest way to feel it working as it enters the bloodstream upon inhalation. As reported by Rolling Stone, pre-rolled hemp has become all the rage since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill.

However, for those who are looking for the duration of their effects to be protracted, it is not the most advisable method of consumption 

Other Ways to  Consume Hemp Flower?

Despite hemp pre-rolls becoming wildly popular, there are other methods for using CBD hemp flower.

They include:

  • Vaping which is advantageous because you aren’t burning anything and are, instead, delivering nothing but pure CBD flower to your lungs.
  • Eating CBD hemp flower since metabolization of the CBD molecule occurs over a longer period of time. This results in an extended duration of effects since CBD must travel through your liver before reaching the bloodstream.
  • Drinking CBD hemp flower in the form of tea. Of course, this is an acquired taste…because, not everyone’s going to enjoy the flavor of the buds.
  • And some people even add hemp flower to a mixed salad along with oil-based dressing.

One Final NOTE: Buy Quality All-Natural CBD Hemp Flower.

CBD hemp flower is readily available from a number of different sources, but RESTART CBD hemp flower is 100% organic. This is farm-to-table hemp flower in a variety of strains, each is subject to meticulous review by our dedicated quality control team.

Our carefully cultivated high quality CBD cultivars are developed in a green facility using cutting edge farming techniques and industry-leading tools to make products that are genetically diverse and superior to first gen paradigms.

All RESTART CBD hemp flower products are grown using organic practices with no chemical herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. They are carefully hand harvested and dried safely, naturally. Once dried the flowers are processed, trimmed, and then sorted. 

CBD Flower RESTART CBD Austin Texas

RESTART CBD hemp flowers are 100% legal and so can be shipped legally to any of the 50 states in the US.

Strains, colors, bud sizes and CBD strength may vary from harvest to harvest.

Check online or in-store for details and availability. 

Independent, third-party lab testing to ensure that the quality and integrity of our product.

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