It’s NOT Therapeutically possible to diffuse CBD Oil.

CBD Diffusers - Austin Texas
CBD is everywhere and is even being sold in CBD diffusers.
However, it’s not really “therapeutically” possible to diffuse CBD oil and you will not benefit from any of the health benefits by diffusing CBD.
CBD Diffusers - Austin Texas
The key problem with trying to diffuse the medicinal effects of CBD into the air is that CBD is a cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are a substantially heavier molecule than the scent molecules you’d typically try to disperse through the air and they will remain behind when the diffusion process is complete.
If you are going to diffuse CBD, one important thing to remember is to NOT, under any circumstances, use a tincture. Though CBD tinctures might sound similar, a tincture is actually made from an extract suspended in an alcohol solution, which could cause some serious problems if you try to diffuse it into the air.  Unlike a CBD oil that’s actually infused in a carrier oil, such as MCT oil, sunflower seed oil or even hemp seed oil.  Even better, use a cannabis scented candle.
If you want the smell of hemp throughout your house but don’t feel like smoking some CBD flower, feel free to use some cannabis oil in a diffuser.  You won’t get high or receive any real effects (other than maybe some soothing aromatherapy), but you will create a nascent smell of cannabis that can dissipate inside your home.
For the therapeutic benefits of CBD, simply vape it, smoke it or put CBD oil directly under your tongue.  Although, the full spectrum taste is distinctive and can occasionally require a quick drink of water afterward, Pure CBD oil is odorless and tasteless.  Taking CBD orally is a great way to get the medicinal effects of hemp cannabis without having to deal with the smoky aftertaste of a toke from a joint.
Whatever your preferred methods or reasons, proper diffusion of cannabis sadly isn’t possible due to the molecular structure of the substances within the plant. However, if all you’re after is the smell of the cannabis plant, then common garden variety diffusers are perfectly suited to disperse the smell of musky cannabis throughout your home.  Or you might buy some CBD flower and smoke it for that faint smell of cannabis in your home or bake it.