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INFOGRAPHIC: Types of Cannabis Consumption


This is a quick guide to helping you better understand the types of ways to consume cannabis and the benefits of each consumption method.


EDIBLES: Edibles are products containing cannabinoids that you eat or drink. Always read the label before ingesting edibles. If you have never tried an edible before or are new to cannabis, start with a low dose, and wait to feel effects before taking more. Due to its delayed effect, consumers could feel effects ongoing.

SUBLINGUAL OIL: One of the most medicinal approaches, you’ll simply place a dropper full of your designated tincture dose under your tongue and absorb sublingually. Sublingual oils are fast absorbing and ideal for consumers who want to easily see the dosage they’re consuming and ensure that they maintain a consistent routine.

FLOWER: Smoking is one of the most well-known consumption methods. When you smoke cannabis, you’re lighting cannabis flower and inhaling the smoke. You can do this with a pipe, water pipe, joint, or blunt. Inhaling cannabis is one of the fastest ways to feel the effects.

CONCENTRATES: Cannabis concentrates are extracted, condensed parts of the cannabis plant that contain the highest concentrations of cannabinoids. Usually found in vape cartridges, and also referred to as wax or resin. Typically you inhale concentrates, and will feel the effects quickly and intensely due to the concentrated effects.

TOPICALS: If you’re looking to ease your way into cannabis and don’t want to consume anything internally, a topical is a great way to explore the benefits externally on areas of your body experiencing pain and or inflammation. Think of topical as on the spot treatment, look for different doses and types of topicals to see what works best!

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