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How to Plan a Green Wedding

RESTART CBD - Plan a Cannabis Wedding with RESTART Canna Consultants

How to plan a Green Wedding.

More and more couples are featuring cannabis at their weddings – and now that hemp is federally legal, options are plenty.

Your wedding day is all about what you want, whether it’s a certain theme, a specific color, and even the involvement of cannabis. A green, cannabis wedding is like your typical wedding, but with hints of cannabis here and there, very subtle. Take your wedding to a new high with RESTART CBD.

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in many states, and the Federal legalization of hemp in the US, throwing cannabis wedding now comes with many options.

How to integrate cannabis into your wedding.

From pre-wedding activities to food to party favors, see our guide on how to throw a green wedding.

1. Make Sure It’s Legal and Allowable at your Venue

Before you do any kind of planning, is important to ensure you’re in a place where it’s allowed before you secure your deposit. Especially if you’re considering a destination wedding. Confirm that your wedding is in a location where marijuana recreational use is legal or where hemp use is allowed at the venue. (In some states, only medicinal marjiuana is allowed.)

If you are in Texas, although you can’t have a “weed” wedding, you can plan a cannabis “hemp” wedding.  What states have legalized hemp.

2. Consider who will be attending your reception.

There are many who might be offended about attending a reception party where cannabis is going to be used. You must consider your guests and how they will receive a “green” reception. You don’t need to advertise on the invitation you are hosting a cannabis weeding, however, you could opt for a small disclaimer at the bottom of the invitation that it will be a “green” wedding. Many wedding guests will appreciate the warning. Also consider using signage at the wedding to indicate bud usage, and limiting it to certain smoke zones.

3. Consider Hosting an After-Party to the Rehearsal Dinner.

If you host a bud party the night before, you won’t need to worry about the wedding venue or the guests. You could have a more intimate party for those who would like to participate. This would form a more intimate party of those who would enjoy it. Host an “after-party” to the rehearsal dinner, or make it the theme of the rehearsal dinner! This may be your best place to incorporate it, since you are working with smaller guests lists and more intimate settings, .

4. Where will you host your reception?

There may not be too many traditional venues who will be cannabis friendly.  When at the reception venue, it is important to keep in mind many people who do not smoke would prefer to remain smoke-free. If you host your reception at a house, make sure the yard is large enough to accommodate all your guests. Have a designated area at the venue for guests who toke, and especially consider hosting it outside. Create a lounge area so guests can sit back and chat with each other.

5. Notify the Venue and Your Vendors

Ask permission from the wedding planners if you can have cannabis at the reception. If they have given you permission, also inform other vendors. The photographer will want to shoot those details and action shots of guests having fun, and your caterer may even want to find uses it for in their menus or displays.

6. Go green. Choose hemp paper, from invitations to the napkins

Imaging your invitations on hemp paper and your napkins featuring marijuana leaf graphics.

RESTART CBD Hemp Invitations - Party Favors - Weed Weddings - Austin, TX

7. Incorporate Cannabis into your Registry

If you’re thinking about having a cannabis wedding, consider incorporating it into your registry. Make an appointment with RESTART CBD to help with your selection of signature strains, accessories and gift sets.

8. Pre-wedding Festivities

The getting-ready process is typically associated with beer and mimosas, but maybe you’d rather skip alcohol in favor of cannabis. Anything from lighting up in your limo to gifting your wedding party custom bowls to hotboxing your getting-ready room is fair game—the possibilities are endless. IDEA: Joint Rolling Party, or GRAV Kit Gift Sets.

9. Add Cannabis leaves to your Floral Arrangements

Involving cannabis into your wedding day doesn’t have to mean using it. If you love the way the green plant looks, work it into your flowers. Floral arrangements are considered to be one of the biggest decorations when it comes to weddings. Whether you want it as an accent to your other blooms or you want it as the main focus, there are a million ways to work weed into your wedding day flowers. Work with your florist to mix into your table settings.

IDEAS: Consider using a single leaf as an accent piece on your plate with your place setting and escort card. Use water pipes as your center pieces.  What about a cannabis bud and plant arrangement, that can later be smoked. (average $250 bouquet)

RESTART-CBD Hemp Floral Arrangements - Weed Weddings

10. Cannabis Bouquet or boutonnieres starring cannabis leaves and buds

The easiest way to work into your decor is a “bud” bouquet or boutonniere! The buds work really well in a small arrangement like a boutonniere. For using it in your bridal bouquet, consider opting for a cannabis leaf instead. It will act as natural greenery and won’t look too out of place amongst flowers.  IDEA: Bouquet of Sunflowers and Cannabis leaves.

11. Light up your Ceremony

Consider tying the know with your first “married hit” together, perhaps too extreme for some but intriguing for others. Rather than reciting personalized vows or smashing a glass, “seal it with a dab. Then, to get the party started, over everyone a joint to light up or light up your reception with cannabis candles or use joints as incense.

12. Bud Bar <0.3% THC vs. Alcohol Bar (or both)

If your idea of a dream wedding is a simple, and green – though a little different from most: instead of an open bar of alcohol, why not feature an open bud bar that offers guests different strains and different edibles.

It’s crucial that there is a bud tender to oversee consumption and explain servings.

What does a budtender do?

  • He or she will greet guests as they approach the bud bar.
  • They will then pass the joints, vape, and other cannabis products to your guests.
  • If one of your guests is not that experienced in using cannabis, the budtender can answer questions encourage a specific strain and teach them step by step basics.

Consider sativa strains, a stimulant, at the start of the event; hybrids after the service; indicas to wind everyone down at the end of the night.  And start early.

13. Dab Bar – NO THC

For your guests who may be athletes, medical professional or drug-tested for their jobs, you can still treat them to a dab bar where they could take hits of potent, concentrated cannabis wax via a vaporizer with no THC.

14. Get Creative with your Menu – Farm to Table.  Literally.

One of the best ways to integrate cannabis into your wedding is through food and drink. One of the more popular approaches includes cannabis-infused food on your menu.  And/or replace the traditional wine pairings with cannabis pairings. It’s not about ‘getting-high’—it’s about pairing a small hit of specific cannabis strains to bring out the flavor.

Keep in mind that not everyone will feel comfortable consuming cannabis, even without THC. So, make sure to have non-cannabis dinner selections and sweets.

15. Toast the happy couple with a cannabis-infused Elixir

In lieu of champagne, consider toasting to the happy couple with a glass of sparkling cannabis-infused elixir.

RESTART CBD Hemp Elixirs- Weed Weddings

16. Cannabis Wedding Cake.

What is a cannabis reception for your marriage without the cake?  Consider using buds to decorate your topper, or small bite sized edibles so no one consumes more than they wish.

17. Dessert Bar – with and without THC

Work the plant into your dessert bar.  Low-dose strain-specific edibles are a fun and creative way to incorporate cannabis into your wedding. Think hemp macaroons, cannabis brownies, and cookies, CBD rose and lavender cotton candy (organic, of course), and a big glass jar of CBD chocolates, caramels or taffy. Keep in mind that your desserts should not contain high doses of THC (psychoactive) or CBD (tranquilizing at high doses for most people).

Also, those who prefer not to indulge in cannabis, could still treat themselves with organic cupcakes as well as candies housed in chic mason jars.

For a large group of guests, our advice is to stick with licensed edibles manufacturers that print their lab results on products. This will better regulate the potency your guests are ingesting. Or at least mark every offering with the milligrams of CBD/THC in each serving.

Or save it for the late-night snacks for when your guests want to mellow out. Fried chicken with dill pickles and honey mustard on top of a mini biscuit?

18. Throw Hemp Hearts vs. Rice

Bird friendly and in keeping with the theme.

19. Cannabis Party Favors.

How can you throw a party without party favors? Give your guests the gift of cannabis as a party favor.  You can give them anything from a sample of of your signature strain, some boutique edibles, or a customized box of matches (or a Toker Poker lighter).  Having “green” wedding favors is the perfect option for those who want to integrate into their big day but don’t want to commit to an entire cannabis theme. Use customized packages and labels and set up as a display for your guests to take as a way of saying “thank you”.

If you’re hosting a post-party or morning after brunch, keep the party going by transitioning the weed memorabilia into the day after parties. This will help cure hangovers and continue with the theme!

Overall, “green” weddings are a unique trend to sweep the wedding industry as of late. There are a ton of ideas we still haven’t talked about, from wedding dresses to hiring the right wedding planners.

Feel free to consult a RESTART Cannabis Consultant  who specializes in this market for more ideas—we’ve seen almost everything.

20. Bridesmaid and Groomsman Gifts

CBD bath salts, cannabis candles, massage oils and more.  Hemp flower box filled with all kinds of cannabis flower and accessories.

What RESTART CBD Offers:

  • RESTART Cannabis Consultants for your next party, wedding or special event.
  • We can stock your bud bar with pre-rolled joints or taster bar featuring GRAV glass tasters and even a bud tender to monitor your mar.
  • A dab bar was stocked with 25-50 grams of hemp wax or more as needed. ($1500-3000 value)
  • Vaping area studded with twinkling lights.
  • Edible bar featuring goodies such as THC-Free caramels and taffy, CBD honey sticks, CBD Cookies and brownies an more.
  • RESTART Party favors (1gram CBD Flower kits, pre-rolls, and more.)
  • Hemp chefs, cannabis bakeries, event spaces and more!

Couples now have more options than ever for incorporating their lifestyle into their weddings.

As this alternative industry grows, so does the number of couples who are taking weddings to new highs. Cannabis is probably already a part of most American weddings whether or not the whole family knows it or not. Everyone smokes at weddings. They just sneak off to do its discreetly and in private.  Now they don’t have to. It’s coming out of those shadows into the public realm.

This is made possible by changing state laws regarding cannabis. We’re going to see cannabis take its place beside alcohol as another, alternative and different kind of option.

We can bring cannabis to your wedding, or help you bring your wedding to the cannabis.

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